Saturday, October 2, 2010

Madonna and Dancers


  1. Were it not for gay people Maddie would have been irrelevant years sooner...
    She should send you a check Puddie.

  2. I love how you get up at the crack of dawn to hate.
    I know exactly how you'll end up in this life.
    I can't wait for you to realize it.

  3. He's already there. Total misery!

    As for the photo, how amazing to have danced on a Madonna tour! Doesn't get much bigger. Looks like they cheered her up post-Guy Ritchie.

  4. Mmm, the Lady aint such a Robo-Goddess-Queen on tour, we always knew she was a people person and she loves her crew, but this is so loved up.
    This Sticky&Sweet pic is remeniscent of the Blond Ambition pics with her dancers with 1 difference, M is more accessible - yet her megastardom still shines.
    Makes me smile, she looks happier, more grounded, more natural - though we all loved the uber glamour of B.A. and I'd even say prettier here too.
    Gorgeous pic. Timeless beauty, defying age, defying time, transcending generation.

  5. Madonna LOVES.... that comes through in her music and her celebration of life... and it can be measure by how much SHE IS LOVED. just look at this photo. genuine love! the hater above should take note.