Sunday, October 17, 2010

"They've Never Seen Anything Like It."

Selling a hundred an hour.

Before the backlash came flooding in, The Sex Book and Erotica were on fire. As with other Madonna projects, either the media (Sex, American Life) or her own fans (GHV2, Hard Candy) can leave a bad taste but even that filth and jadedness can't change history or the fabulous body of work. And Madonna knows it.



  1. Delicious!
    I approve of her behaviour, even if those middle school students did not.
    Haha I love the guy who was absolutely appalled. I bet he ended up having a long perusal in the privacy of his own home!

  2. Thanks Pud! Very interesting everything before-internet era!

  3. She was right. EVERYONE wanted to look at it, which proved that sexuality is a natural part of human nature. Yet, she was demonised for being honest about sexuality. People were curious about it but didn't want to talk about it.

    This is why I'll always admire her, no matter what she does. Regardless of the book's flaws, it was a piece of art that NEEDED to be made, especially in the early 90s when AIDS was everywhere making people puritanical about sex.

    She had more balls than any man on Earth.

    Bravo Madonna, bravo!

  4. i was a college freshman working in a book store when SEX came out. Our entire order (25 copies i think) were all pre-sold and there was STILL a line outside the front door the day it came out. This was in a rather conservative North Carolina college town. Our phone rang off the hook 24/7 that week, with people desperately looking for a copy. This was pre-internet, pre-Amazon. I remember my manager saying it was "disgusting that we were even selling this trash!!!" lol

  5. i love it when you piece old clips of local news segments together, pud!

  6. even her "flops" are legendary!

  7. i've got my own copy of "sex" and even though i now think some of the photos are silly/corny, there really hasn't been ANYBODY (at her level and magnitude of fame, at least) who has released or will release ANYTHING remotely similar. i doubt we'll see anything else like it again in our lifetime.

  8. Sex is the apotheosis of Madonna's career and the biggest Fuck You to the world a celebrity of her caliber has ever delivered. She exposed society's hypocrisy and made a ton of money doing it. Absolute genius. Gaga who? Thanks, Pud.