Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Countdown Interview 1985

EAT IT!!!!


  1. Brilliant! Rare footage of the Madonna I fell in love with! That bow is perfect! And THAT SWEATER! Fun!

  2. Awesome! Are there any more interviews with this look? Is this the whole interview? Very interesting to see...

  3. This was an 60 minutes Madonna-special on Dutch chartsshow Countdown.
    This was the first time i ever saw Madonna and immediatly fell in love with.
    This interview was cut between all of her video's en filmscenes till then. It was just before Live to tell came out.
    I had it on vhs and watched it over and over, again and again back then. Haven't saw this in ages...
    Thank You!!

  4. OMG, the brattiness, the sassiness, the naivete but absolute she keeps trying to anticipate the guy's question and listens attentively... THIS IS INSPIRING.

    "I hope I can maintain this level of creativity and keep producing the same amount of stuff... it's hard, you know? cause everyone has expectations for you, you get to a certain place and then you have to prove you can stay there, so... it feels good but it's scary."

    I freaking love her.

  5. even though this is my fav M era, she was way too gawdy here.

  6. Love this interview and love her even more ;) Thanks for sharing rare footage again and again :)