Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Girlie Show Era

Reader Maurício, who provided us with the great Blond Ambition pics a few days ago, again gives us these beautiful pics of Madonna from the Girlie Show era. xo


  1. Thanks Pud and Mauricio! Never seen before!
    Since GS Madonna looks depressed and older. Is it because of Sex? Only 3 years between BA and GS but looks like 10 years, imo. BA - young and funny, GS - serious and mature. But love her anyway!

  2. A HUGE thank you to Pud and Maurício for sharing! It is always fantastic to see pictures that many of us have never seen and relive those eras. LOVE IT! Thanks again!

  3. There's no doubt the backlash had a bad effect on her. I was quite young at the time and couldn't believe how awful the press was. She'd have to not be human to not feel it. It's true that nothing was ever the same. What's remarkable now is how early into her career it happened. So many brilliant things have happened since. And that's not what the press were predicting at the time.