Thursday, November 11, 2010

When Madonna Rolled into Houston, Texas for The Blond Ambition Tour

Houston Post - May 3, 1990. Buster sent these fantastic scans from his private collection.


  1. Cool, I love any shots of her with the infamous ponytail offstage!

  2. Wow!

    Rare to see Madonna with the ponytail offstage!

  3. AAAAAAAAAAAAA! It's great! Thanks again and again to Pud and Buster! Even I don't post thanks-comments every time, I mean it. My favorite BA! Btw, I like the ponytail very much!
    And we are wanting moreeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

  4. Wow, $28.75 for a ticket to go see the Blonde Ambition tour. Amazing.

  5. You guys are so welcome...I am grateful to come to Pud's blog and see some of the rarest photos, hear some of the most incredible stories - and it's my duty to share with those who love her. I forgot about this clipping and just found it the other day. It was an incredible time!

    Pud, check your email later today for another great find!!! I am so excited about this one - hope you will be too!

    Thanks again for all you do! I LOVE THIS BLOG AND I LOVE YOU!

  6. If someday the TIME MACHINE is invented the first thing i'd do would be to go back to 1990 to see the BLOND AMBITION TOUR!!!!!!!!

  7. Am I really the only one who knows how bad the BA sucked? lol. A couple classic performances, but the rest was so blah. And don't get me started on that ponytail. Thank goodness we got the curls on Truth or Dare and in Nice, France.

  8. @Tony, you know, I think you might be the only one! LOL! I know many people who love it and I also know many people who don't rank it their top favorite but I have yet to meet a fan who calls it "blah!" I am curious to to know what you didn't like about it aside from the ponytail. You have a valid opinion and I appreciate it but I am curious to hear constructive criticism about the show...especially for it's time in 1990.

  9. I didnt like the entire dick tracy section or the material girl/into the groove/cherish section. thats two whole sections from a four section concert.

    the highlights were incredible highlights, such as express yourself, papa dont preach, live to tell/oh father and keep it together. it has just never been a fav of mine but in terms of my least favorite M tours, it is not at the bottom. that goes to the girlie show, followed by who that girl, then BA. :)

  10. Blond Ambition was the first Madonna concert I ever saw (on TV/Video) and was completely blown away that a concert could be so theatrical: the costumes, sets, choreography; NO ONE had done anything like that before in a live concert, or at least not as well as M. The whole show flowed seamlessly.

    I saw Ciao Italia after Blond Ambition/Turth Or Dare and it simply didn't compare. It was like a warm up to the main event. I guess it depends on your tastes. The Girlie Show is my 2nd favourite tour as I love the whole Circus/Burlesque theme.

    Her last fwe tours aren't as distinctive to me, they all seem to run into each other in some ways.

  11. The Confessions Tour is hands down her second best tour after the Virgin Tour. Nothing about it is similar to Re-Invention or Sticky & Sweet. Also, another reason I probably don't like BA, is that I am not into theatre or broadway. if i wanted to see a broadway show, id go to one. Also, forgot about the DWT. that ranks at the bottom of my list. And it was my first time seeing Madonna. Far too dark for my tastes.

  12. This blog rules the world!

    It's really interesting to hear such differing opinions on Madonna's tours from passionate fans of hers!

    I love reading your posts Tony - but I disagree so much with regards her tours.

    Blond Ambition is so good - words FAIL ME.

    I just randomly watch bits from various BA concerts on my laptop when I need a fix - and it ALWAYS delivers!

    For me - WTG tour will always be the pinnacle of her touring career - but BA comes 2nd and then VT.

    I agree CT is awesome (as is GS and RiT is good too) but - BA is like totally on another level to CT.

    For me - in 100 years time, people will see video of the BA tour and they'll just be in awe that such a woman lived on earth once.

  13. 2Tony:
    you said you like 2 parts of BA and 2 parts - you don't. So it's doesn't mean that you don't like the whole BA:)

    agree with rl81, BA was the first M tour I saw. I've read about it in newspapers and magazines, I saw short clips on TV, and only in 1995 I saw the complete show. I had VHS watching it million times. Express yourself - the best, Gaultier corset - without any comments. Every female singer in Rissia copied Madonna that time: hair, choreography, everything.

    I think it was very innovative music perfomance for that time. Even now i see it and i can say it was done this year. Timeless. It seems to me noone since that time (even M) has done something innovative and breakthrough within music and fashion like M's BA did.

  14. The Virgin Tour is cute as a period piece, it represents the early M, Who's That Girl is where she finds her voice and Blond Ambition is where she makes her uiltmate statement. If I had to pick one thing that represents Madonna, it would be Blond Ambition. It's the most iconic thing she's ever done.

  15. Hmm, Material Girl from BA compared to Future Lovers/Music/Erotica/Let it will be/Hung Up. Yup, BA is far better. NOT. lol. Just my opinion. BA has some great moments, but a TON of horrid performances. Confessions has 1 or 2 bad performances (Jump).

  16. BA is phenomenal to me... so innovative and such a statement. how lucky were we that truth or dare accompanied it? epic. ps, loathe the pony tail, love the curls x

  17. Blond Ambition was the greatest show ever put on by any artist, period.

    My two cents.

    Sure, it had its weak moments, but overall, it was a show that exemplified power, thought, artistry, technology (for its time), and an artist at the absolute peak of their creativity and influence. It was, and remains, the greatest concert ever.

    RE: the it. So rare to see Madge off stage with the ponytail. We only have those NYC shots (when she was with Warren in her bathrobe and then, without the bathrobe)

  18. This is a difficult one, but I have to say that BA was the ultimate Madonna show. It's sexy, funny, goofy, serious, risky, blatant in your face, touching,religious, life affirming and brilliant. So, yes it is my favorite of all of M's tours. I LOVE them all for different reasons. The least being Drowned World. I like it as a hardcore fan, but it lacked the fun that previous and post tours have. Lest Any chance to see the Queen is an honor.