Saturday, December 4, 2010

American Life Stamps

From the Deluxe Edition CD of American Life.


  1. Ha! The biggest disappointment, as nice as the stamps were. In fact, it was crap. There was nothing deluxe about it. At £20 a pop I expected more.

    Just to add, I LOVED the Music and Confessions limited editions. Both classy, and worth the extra bucks.

  2. i actually really liked the deluxe edition of "american life." i think there were some good ideas fermenting around with the visual representation of the album, it's just that i'm not sure it was executed properly.

    also, such a shame that she pulled her "american life" video. i think had she released it, in retrospect, it would've been one of the smartest decisions of her career. and i don't mean in just selling more units, but i mean in actually making a statement about the world at that time. i was highly disappointed she censored herself.

    oh well, nothing to do about it now, and it's such a shame it wasn't included on the "celebration" DVD collection. the original music video really has become mythic in its own right.

  3. What are we supposed to do with those stamps! LOL. They fooled us and said we were gonna get a DVD. Shady!

  4. I never bought the AL deluxe cd, probably regret it now as it's one of my favourite albums, I just never really liked the artwork.