Sunday, December 12, 2010

Blond Ambition - Express Yourself - Houston, Texas - The Summit - May 04, 1990

Express Yourself.

Here's Part 2 of the fantastic photos from The Blond Ambition Tour that were taken by Madonna Scrapbook contributor Buster in Houston, Texas on May, 04, 1990! More fabulousness.

You are looking at rare photos taken by a true Madonna fan. Admire how brave Buster was for taking cameras into venues in those days. Thank god for fans like him that have been there all along loving and chronicling The Greatest Star That Has Ever Lived.

Click HERE for the first batch of his Vogue photos plus Houston performance. Enjoy. xo


  1. amazing photos like the first ones! thanks pud and buster! buster i am now officially jealous of you! :)

  2. At last! Buster, you are great! I suppose you saw the whole show through your camera because you shoot all the main scenes! Thanks a lot! And it was really difficult to take camera into venue?

  3. was the most incredible experience! No need to be jealous. I am thankful for Pud who provides a forum for all of us to share our memories and experiences.

    @vivaanna...I experiences the first night through the lens of the camera. I really wanted the pics for myself so I had to. I had tickets for the second show on May 5th and experienced the whole show without a camera from the floor. It was PURE MAGIC!!! They didn't allow cameras but I creatively hid it (my crotch never looked so big! LOL!) I got away with it and snapped the whole night.

    Thanks again Pud for all you do! Can't say it enough - I LOVE your blog!

  4. The Express yourself performance of Blond Ambition is Madonna's carreer difining moment. This has inspired millions of others including the wanna be's. AMEN!

  5. Lovely photos, thanks for sharing.