Monday, December 27, 2010

Courtney Love's Madonna Obsession

She can say all the shyt she wants, I've seen her diary entries and I've seen her put together her little Madonna Wanna outfits. Courtney is a big wanna-be and always has been.


  1. I got into a long conversation about this very subject on Some silly little C. Love fan couldn't see the MANY comparisons. C. Love wishes everyday that she was just the tiniest bit like our queen Madonna.

  2. This is the demo version of the song "Rockstar" from courtney Love's Hole band for their excellent album "Live through this". The song got a drastic change lyrically and musically when it was released as the last song on the album.
    The lyrics say it all :
    Enjoy :)

  3. courtney madonna wannabe?
    that's the hilarious shit i've ever heard
    Courtney is unique and Madonna too they are way too different
    this is bullshit