Tuesday, December 21, 2010

"Do You Think That Your Fans Will Allow You to Age with Their Blessing?"

In 1993, while promoting Body of Evidence, Bryant Gumble asked Madonna a very interesting question, "Do you think that your fans will allow you to age with their blessing?" Of course, she had the best answer.

With what I've seen from her fan base ~ No, they won't.

Get off the Lord's bus if you ain't got correct change. Transfer!!!!


  1. She looks so unhappy in the Body of Evidence interviews.

    Interesting what you say about ageing. I've never known anybody be given such a hard time about getting older.

  2. she as gorgeous now as then...

  3. I wish I could see this whole uncut interview. Anyone know where to find it?!? Please help (and it's not on youtube unfortunately.)

  4. you can view the video here:


    it's a little bit more than half way down.

  5. i love you pudwhacker...and always will!