Thursday, December 9, 2010

Inside "The Face' Mag



  1. I agree with Tony - PERFECTION! I remember getting this magazine and feeling the excitement of this tour and this time. It was a DIFFERENT time for Madonna. I loved it!!!!

  2. This was an awesome photoshoot. I still remember seeing this and the Bazaar magazine cover for the first time back in 1990 when all the hype was starting for the movie, tour, album and Vogue. I was still coming off my high from the Like a Prayer album.

    Was anyone upset when they brought their I'm Breathless cassette home, hoping to find more songs like Vogue, only to find silly songs inspired from the 30's? I remember crying thinking the store taped over it or something (I was only 11).

    Now I really appreciate the music. She was being artistic and it kind of makes me think of an Evita prelude...or something like that. Can you imagine if they did not have the Immaculate Collection and she ended up doing another album with Vogue, Justify My Love and Rescue Me as the singles?

    Does anyone have the 1990 Glamour 'Women of the Year' magazine? She looked great in that pic too (minus the air brushing of her teeth).

  3. She's still rocking those gloves today. :)

  4. BMC: i was 11 in early 1990 when Im Breathless came out and i listened to it non-stop over and over daily. loved all the songs on it!