Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Madonna will premiere W.E. at Cannes Film Festival - NEIN

Madonna will premiere W.E. at Cannes Film Festival, according to Le Parisien/Aujourd'hui en France.

update: NEIN - reps deny.


  1. god i seriously hope she changes the name

  2. She very well just might. I know it wasn't her movie, but Swept Away was originally called Love, Sex, Drugs and Money. Also, Dangerous Game was firstly Snake Eyes. As much as the 'artist' within her wants these clever titles, it has to have a mainstream name to be considered financially successful.

  3. I guess W.E. isn't the most obvious title. It's a play on E.R. isn't it? I'm intrigued to see if this is good. There is going to be a lot of publicity but (as we know with Madonna) that doesn't always mean a successful film.