Saturday, January 22, 2011

Nile Rodgers and Madonna

As some of you probably have heard by now, Nile Rodgers found out he had an aggressive form of cancer and started to blog about it. You can read about his journey HERE. I just want to say how much I have always loved Nile Rodgers and am sending cool energy his way. Say a little prayer for the fabulous and wonderful Nile Rodgers. Madonna's fans all around the world love you Nile. xo

I put together this Madonna/Nile video to show my appreciation.

As Madonna thanked him on the Virgin album: Nile "Boom" Rodgers.


  1. Nice collection. I really like the sound of that album, even if I was never a fan of the title track. Over & Over, Angel, Stay. All brilliant moments.

    I was always curious as to why she didn't work with him again. How and when did Pat Leonard show up? Did he play keyboards on the Virgin Tour?

  2. 'angel' is in my top 2 favorite M songs. he produced an excellent album with Madonna and I am sending positive energy his way as well.

  3. Check out the 'The Madonna Collection Blog'.