Monday, January 3, 2011

Who's That Girl - Madonna's 6th Number One


  1. this is maybe, if not my favourite madonna song, one of my favourites for sure! so uplifting and optimistic! love it!

  2. Wow - never seen this before - so very cool to read those kind of details about how this song and others in the movie came about.

    I know the "Who's That Girl"song has totally got sidelined in the history of Madonna, but back in 1987 as a Madonna fan, this was EVERY BIT as brilliant as anything that had come before.

    When I first heard it on the radio I was getting the same goosebumps I got when I first heard any of her songs back then - and so was everyeone! Just as in USA, the single shot to NUMBER ONE in the UK and was all over radio throughout the Summer.

    It's difficult I think for fans who weren't around then to realise now, that back then Madonna was bigger than anything that's around now and a lot of that was down to the fact that she was consistently bringing the MOST UNBELIEVABLY BRILLIANT catchy pop songs to the market

    Even looking at that concert photo in the article above, gives me shudders in the way it would have back in 1987. She really was MADONNA back then.

  3. born in 1980, i wasn't around when madonna was such a BIG star back then, i was just a kid, but i can understand that she was something like midas of music! the most important thing is that in 80s (and 90s and early 00s), internet had zero to a tiny power, in contrast of today, when everybody bacome a "star" in seconds! that's why today's artists don't have the REAL happy of the previous years.

  4. my favorite song of hers at the moment=),, and this song along with 'wheres the party' and 'true blue' are among my first memories of her. loove this blog Pud, thank you for doing what u do and to everyone else(well...not everyone) 4 your wonderful comments,,i love it and soak it all in <3

  5. The book this article is from, a book about all the songs that have topped Billboard's HOT 100, has a lot of articles about Madonna songs --- "Like a Virgin," "Crazy For You," "Vogue," Justify My Love," "Take a Bow" and many others.

    There's also a book about songs that just missed becoming #1 hits and peaked at #2. There's a lot of articles about Madonna songs in this book too --- "Material Girl," "Causing a Commotion, "Erotica," "Frozen" and several others.

    Plus there's a book about songs that topped the Adult Contemporary Charts and has articles about "La Isla Bonita," "Live to Tell," "Cherish" and others.

    All three of those books are great and it's fun reading the stories behind so many of her songs.