Friday, February 11, 2011

Like a Virgin - Promotional Copy - White Vinyl

Some scans of my promotional copy of Like a Virgin that had white vinyl! Beyond Fabulous. And yes, I'm still a vinyl dude.

I have a turntable, cassette player, cd player, VCR. If I need to play something - I've got the equipment for each format.

Love the sound of vinyl.


  1. Im missing this on my collection. I love it ! I have a lot of vinyls but just collectibles,i cant play them because i have no turntable. The only thing i have is cd player. I recentely threw away my vcr because its pointless,this is the era of only dvds.

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  3. CLASSIC!!!
    pud & guys i don't know if you have listened or not born this way, but it's like madonna's express yourself -.-

  4. to X-STaTIC PRO=CeSS
    yeah german press & others say that too and accuse her of stealig, as if that was something new...

  5. ...but do you have an 8-track player? LOL. just kidding. very cool set up!

  6. He has an 8-track player AND a reel-to-reel. ;-)