Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Niki Harris Video on Madonna - What on Earth is This Twacked Out Bytch Going on About?

grrf, ggrrrf, Warren, grrr, Sean, grrr, Carlos....gggrrrrrf.
STFU - Bytch!

People ask me why I'm not all that into Niki Harris. There's a plethora of reasons. Here are a few.

Talking shyt about Jews being by Madonna's pool side at her house during the American Life era. Huh?

She would've gone on The ReInvention Tour if it wasn't the Regurgitation Tour? Whaaat?

People were going to BOO them off the Drowned World Tour? Huh?

Asking a magazine if this was a gay publication or a jazz publication because...whaaaaat?

Woman can't do a performance of one her songs (hahahhahahaha) without talking for 3 and half minutes of the 4 minute song. Huh?

All that drivel aside, there's this video. And this says it all.

Would anyone be interested if it wasn't for The Madonna Association?




  1. Haha!!!

    I put this video together myself back in 2004 - I edited together the Niki interviews from the UK Channel 5 documentary "Madonna's Men" and put those topic titles on the screen. I thought it was hillarious to watch her. She's funny!!!!

    That docu btw had similarly all-new entertaining interviews with a load of other people like Vanilla Ice and Denis Rodman.

    It was a proper laugh!!! :-)

  2. Poco loco and just a little bit more than jealous that SHE is not Madonna. Poor thing.

  3. Hahaha ! I think this is funny ! Ive seen it before and i take as a funny thing. Ive never head about the Jews comments you are talking about Pud.
    I met her twice,one at a gay club (RIT era) and she told me she wasnt going to be with Madonna because she doesnt believe in re-inventing the songs and then i met her in Vegas (after the first sticky and sweet tour) at the after party and she was great. She sang like 8 songs and we all had so much fun. I dont hate her and i do like her songs,i think this interview she is being funny. Get some sense of humor people !

  4. I thought the interview was funny too. I'm not sure why you're surprised about Nikki's blunt remarks regarding Madonna-that's part of the reason Madonna liked having her around--because she wasn't going to kiss her ass.

    And I remember reading the comments about the Jewish guys in the Like An Icon book, but they didn't strike me as being anti-Semitic or anything. I saw it more as her citing an example of how Madonna's inner circle and her access to her changed post-Kabbalah.

  5. Pud doesnt like anyone who makes jokes about Madonna LOL !!!

  6. i dont like anyone who tells the personal business of someone else. famous or not.

  7. I don't know if I'm wrong or not, but I always felt that Niki had deep jealousy of Madonna, like she wanted to be in her place and be the star, and resented being on her shadow. You can see on performances how Niki tries to drown Madonna with her voice, and often does, as a way to upstage her.

  8. Don't bite the hand that fed ya woman. I liked Niki as a backup singer, but THIS is classless.