Wednesday, February 9, 2011

This is Why Madonna Doesn't Have a Twitter Account

This is to Madonna's manager Guy Oseary. Would you want all this demanding fuck twat shyt sent to your phone? Damn. The nerve.

And it goes on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on....


  1. I couldn't care less if she was on twitter. But Guy O should shut it re: the "we" posts. Some positive Madonna news would help his case too rather than the same old "we are excited to get into the studio after the movie"...

  2. it's part of his job.

    and i'm glad madonna doesn't have a twitter. i like when she *doesn't* do what's 'popular'.

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  4. At least those fans are letting him know how a lot of fans feel. Hard Candy was shit and the sticky and sweet tour was double shit and it would be nice to have something GOOD like those dvds or some GOOD music (and not rubbish shyt like her last cd). I really trust madonnatribe so im hoping the dvds will come oout. Madonna needs to fire Guy like.. now. If she continues like this she is going down the road. Doesnt she understand that Gaga is out there like the new best thing ever ?. Where the fuck is Madonna ??. Making stupid movies or opening silly gyms all over the world ?...

  5. you know people comment about GAGA being all that and every thing madonna is not any more, but seriously doesnt she have like 1 CD. And does she have any DVDs out at all? so shes been on the same tour forever, big whoop. ugh makes me gag how people idolize her.

    And about guy. hes an idiot.

    In my opinion, its good that he has this twitter and its good that her fans can be incessantly annoying about what they want. It doesn't make sense to me how from a business stand point, if he is so money hungry and driven to make a profit, why not suck us dry for our $$. I can tell you that most of this blog's readers will be more than happy to shell out a hundred bucks or more for a decent DVD/Blu-ray box set. Even individually marketed, there is a profit to be made. Celebration box set was horrible from a production value, extremely cheap in quality and it sold relatively well.

    Go ahead and keep making movies Madonna - you have earned the right to grow and create whatever art you want. Just remember - Swept Away grossed $600,000 in the US.... Filth and Wisdom only $22k... Truth or dare - 15 million...nuff said!

  6. I think it's fantastic that Madonna fans are so opinionated. I truly am. Having difference of opinion is a beautiful thing. What is NOT beautiful is the delivery of that opinion. The fans can be so ugly and mean when trying to express their feelings about Madonna in reference to anything.

    We fail to realize that even if some of us think "Hard Candy" was "shit," she doesn't care. I think that's great. How is one woman going to please millions and millions of fans all the time? [Especially these fans - so brutal and unforgiving.] Let's think about this for a minute: the album Hard Candy went #1 in 20 different countries...somebody liked it. [For the record, I did too.] I don't think charts are relevant anymore [I started to disregard charts when Kesha went #1.] So, an artist’s fan base is the real deal. The real fans will go and see the tour...this album spawned the 4th highest grossing tour EVER with $417,617,232.

    I personally think Guy is a genius. We are living in a time where no one is buying music - blogspots are providing music to everyone for free. Madonna's deal with Live Nation is legendary and she really has to think how she is going to repackage herself as an artist in this new day and age of music.

    Not releasing those DVDs is NOT Guy's fault. That's Warner Bros. throughout the years. There might be legitimate excuses for this - rights, contracts, deals, etc. Who knows!

    As far making movies over music - again, she doesn't give a shit whether we like it or not. She does what she does FOR HER - if the fans like it, it's a bonus. Truth or Dare made 15 million in 1991, Filth and Wisdom was released in 2008? I imagine she is making movies or directing movies because she wants to - I hate that we have to limit an artist to OUR likings. It's a silly expectation. Madonna set it best in Truth or Dare…”They will always be queens on the rag!” That’s how I feel about Madonna fans.

    Twitter and Facebook is overrated - yes, it's fun but do you think Madonna wants to hear all of this shit? I don't even want to hear it.

    I am not one of those fans who defends her every move but I am also not that wishy-washy fan either. Sure, I have my complaints...but she has NEVER failed me!

    I was there January 14, 1984 to watch Madonna perform on American Bandstand from an old beat up TV set...and after 27 years, I never left her side.

  7. Whoever says that Madonna needs a Tweeter clearly hasn't been paying attention to just how much she distrusts social media and media in general. Blame it on Kabbalah or whatever the hell, but if it suits her, then that's fine. We don't all have to do the same things---certainly not Madonna. At least she's been respectful (and smart) enough to not start a war with Tweeter. I can definitely see her saying something like, "Why in the world would I care to use Twitter?"

    But she doesn't have to antagonize with a tool like that one---she can just opt out and let her freaking manager (THAT'S HIS JOB) do a little bit of the PR for her.

    She's also a legend and always imitated old hollywood legends. THOSE people would never let the common folk see them at their most normal or intimate. It was all about the illusion. In fact I hope her next album and tour builds on this idea of grandeur and projection, instead of what she did with Sticky, which was a sometimes-great, sometimes-awkward attempt at speaking to a new audience from THEIR perspective. Madonna should always speak from HERS.

    As for the rest, I agree with Buster. It's a real pity that the DVDs aren't released, but that's Warner's fault. Clearly, we'd buy the shit out of them if they were released, so i doubt Guy or Madonna don't want them released.

    I am a little pissed to find out she's still working on the movie instead of an album. I respect it, and of course I want her to do well with the movie so everyone shut their traps about how her movies "don't work." But I trust that she's already begun meeting producers and tasting demos... I want to believe she has.

  8. we the fans are so mean and bad sometimes. we can't be with madonna's side when she is successful and be mean when she is less successful. she's an artist and she has her own ideas and ways. she doesn't need me or anybody else telling her what to do. the only thing she needs is our support in bad and good days. i support madonna in everything she does or doesn't do. she wants to make movies, let her make movies. even if cinema is not the most successful part of her career, she continues doing movies without caring what other say because she loves it and that's why i love her. the huge successful hard candy album is not that bad. actually i'd read a Q review back then in 2008 which was saying that hard candy it's not her best album but anyway madonna never had released a bad album and gave the HC 3 stars out of 5. she knows what she's doing. trust her.

  9. "If Freddy and Caresse were that damn wonderful the fans wouldn't be waiting for ANY of the mentioned DVD's." - kurt 420


  10. You are all fucking idiots. Do you think that Madonna doesn't have a twitter because she's too cool for school? No, she doesn't have a twitter because she is completely out of touch with what's new and happening in the world, and is, for the very first time in her life, WAAAYYYYYY behind the pack, that she helped create no less, and it's embarrassing. And so is her management, it's pathetic.

    Her management has been horrible for years, and it's one of the reasons why Madonna is so irrelevant these days.

    And you are all dumb acting like Madonna doesn't need social media, or she's above it.

    She made an update herself on her Facebook page, the first and only she's ever done I think, and it got coverage ALL OVER THE NET, and even in some print media. I think it created more positive buzz than anything she's said or done in a good 4 or 5 years.

    If she thinks that she can keep on being relevant without acknowledging things like social media and actually INTERACTING with people, as opposed to having ghost writers, she's in for a bitter surprise. Even someone like Britney Spears, who has somehow embraced this Garbo-like stance regarding the press, has been forced to embrace social media, and it's basically her only communication with the outside world and the fans, and it works for her.

    God, she is so behind it's really painful to see.

  11. Well clearly if it weren't a possibility (rights, negotiations, what have you), then he wouldn't have said that he is open to the idea. There is obviously a lot behind the scenes that not a single person here can honestly know the truth.
    I do support Madonna and I support her making movies or going down whatever road she needs to to find ways to satisfy her creatively. I use the comparison between filth and wisdom and swept away to identify the fact that when it comes down to money, which in the end it always does, directing a film is not profitable for her. I throw truth or dare in there because (a) I could not find the figures for I'm going to tell you a secret, and (b) because it is in fact a release with her music in it. Lets use Sticky and Sweet DVD/BD which has sold over 500,000 copies - not too shabby. Clearly from a money making standpoint, its a wise decision to release tours.

    As for Guy, whether or not he is a good manager is up for negotiation. If he fits her right now, then obviously she sees value in him. Again, he is a money maker, more than caresse ever was. It is because of that, logic would point to him making more strides for releases to bring in the cash. There is always a dollar to be made, especially when it comes to her. and again, I don't think that any fan would be hesitant to make the purchases. We do so for the concerts, which gross so high because of high demand and high ticket prices, because yes, she never ceases to amaze.

  12. Why does no one ever point out the simpler reality? Madonna doesn't have a Twitter account because people who waste their time on Twitter, Facebook and forums are fucking losers, Techno Savvy Pancake Tits Gaga being the Queen of All Losers. The very foundation of the Madonna myth is in the fact that she is not of the people, nor has she ever been. Show me your idols and I'll show you your snoutface quotient.

  13. Really Alexander Christ ?? So almost the whole universe is a loser because almost everyone has a facebook/twitter account. Get real please !

  14. Alexander Christ, you're a fucking idiot and you don't know what you are talking about. Madonna IS NOT an underground artist, she has always been OF THE PEOPLE, FOR THE MASSES, and no one else, you're not listening to PJ Harvey, so don't pretend that Madonna is only for intelligent people because she's for everyone and you have the most idiotic comment in this whole page.

  15. The truth is Madonna is in the 'second stage' of her career so comparisons with Gaga are pointless. She's been there done that. That's why she's now doing this. Most people over 50 aren't into Twitter. It's one of the signs that our gal is getting older.

    Guy O is an idiot though.

  16. Ramon has it so wrong and Alexander Christ has it so right.

    music-wise, how she promotes herself next needs to be very creative. time to throw out the old rules. and maybe she's saving all these social media tools for when she really needs it.

    and Ramon, how about a few less 'you're a fucking idiot's huh?

  17. well evrybdygegeget, you're a fucking idiot.

  18. In reference to Ramón H's comment..."even Britney Spears has been forced to embrace social media." How is that a valid comparison? Because Britney has "been forced" to use social media means ALL artists do? I don't use Britney as a measure for anything!

    The truth is Madonna started her career in 1983 with no internet, social networks, cell phones, downloading music, etc. The bitch had to go to night clubs and get them to play her music. She had to do performances in night clubs to get her music out. She didn't have the luxury [or the curse] of American Idol or You Tube. I like that she keeps it old school.

    I am not sure that being relevant is part of her mission after almost 30 years of success. She is at a stage in her life where she can do exactly what she wants...and we are either on board or we're not. I honestly don't think she gives a shit. I think she does have an appreciation for her fans but her work is HER work.

    I don't think Madonna thinks she is above social networks - she just doesn't want to give people a direct line to tell her how relevant she's not. Look at all the tweets that Guy received - "do this, don't do that, tell her this, release that" - FUCK THAT!

  19. Excuse Ramon, he isn't legal.

    Hard Candy was great as was the 100% S&S tour.