Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Multishow 'Frozen' Live Canal 5 1998 Interview

Love the whole thing, watch it all.


  1. I am so happy that she got over that period of explaining her new perception of life in every fucking interview. What a bore! "When you turn on a light, everything in the room is revealed". Yes Madonna. And when you turn on the washing machine, your clothes get cleaned. Bravo!

  2. @Alexander Christ

    LOL...you are so right! She does like to repeat herself in interviews.

    Another thing she repeats is...

    "You are the manager and you have to take responsibility for your actions...bla, bla, bla"

    AND..."I have no regrets".

    Like shut up sometimes and stp trying to be cool!



  3. Lovely performance, but not "live" vocals.

  4. Umm guys, she repeats herself in interviews because they all ask her the same questions. And besides, interviews are not made to be dissected and all viewed by obsessed fans... they're more about acquiring new ones.

    But she also loves to say "life is a paradox", tehe.

  5. I wonder where I was that time that I didn't watched it in Multishow!!!!

    That times, Multishow ( cable channel in Brasil) was the only way ( and MTV) to see something interesting from Madonna.

  6. Thank you Pud! I LOVE this! My mother passed when Frozen and the ROL cd was released. It was a very moving moment in my life and a cd that I love because of where I was. Frozen was so spot on to what I was feeling. I was disturbed by the video. I was open minded and today it is one of her best. Chills. Oh Madonna and Madeleine! XO