Wednesday, April 27, 2011

American Life

Fab American Life avatar done by Flip The Switch. xo


  1. Nice...

    Wish the album did better than it did. had some really good music.

    'Nothing Fails' and 'Love Profusion' are perfection. One of these should have been the first singles, it would have setthe tone of the album. The crappy 'American Life' and it's cheesy edited video ruined the success of the album.

    Wish she has a video for 'Nothing Fails', what a gem.

    Oh well, this was the 'Erotica' of the 00's I guess. It would be much appreciated years later than the actual year of it's release.


    ps: M should have 'fired' GUY O with that gun!

  2. That's gorgeous! I loved the graphics for American Life, except for the cover which was cheesy. Agree with everything above. There are classic Madonna moments on there that just got lost - Hollywood, Love Profusion, Nothing Fails. Not that I love everything about the album (Nobody Knows Me makes my ears bleed).

  3. I have fond memores of buying that cd @ Tower on Sunset and listening to it with headphones as I walked up and down Sunset Blvd! What a fun, sunny day with just me and Madonna! Taking pics and enjoying the posters on Tower and The Whiskey! Hit the West Hollywood bars and had a ball that night!

  4. techjunkie is obsessed with lady gaga, thinks she is beautiful and thinks she is the next madonna so i cant compliment anything he does lol

  5. Poor Tony, try harder.

    Great album, great artwork, great era. Such a great memories.

  6. Try harder? You mean like GaGa?? lol.


  7. Best album ever ! My favorite with no doubt (i hate love profusion tho and the video as well,she looks like an old grandma).
    Anyhow,great cd,amazinf lyrics,just great !

  8. nice to see some AL love in the old scrapbook.

    a special time. x-static process is in my top 5 m songs. hollywood and love profusion... amazing. easy ride...!

    i've always thought that the album would be so much better if AL the song was produced like the chorus (more acoustic with really dense guitars). mirwais' production on that track did not work for me. if only...

    superb artwork too by m&m paris also. one of my favourites.

  9. or the Headcleanr Rock Mix of AL as a substitute would have been farrr better. though i understand this remix was probably created after the fact.

  10. fliptheswitch is disgusting, you should know better pud, -10, seriously, stop being such a pussy

  11. She looked amazing in the 'Love Profusion' video. Her face and body were full. She looked hot.