Friday, April 8, 2011

The Biggest Star of All: Andrew Lloyd Webber wants Madonna for Sunset Blvd.!

You there, why are you so late?

Andrew Lloyd Webber tells that hideous farckle Piers Morgan that he wants Madonna for his version of musical version of Sunset Blvd.

Here's what Webber told McFarckle Morgan:

"I bet you this never, ever, happens, but you know who would make a great Norma Desmond on screen? Madonna.

"She's the right age. I've not got through to her. She hasn't taken my call this time."

Take that fucking call, Madonna!!!

All the ingredients could not be more perfect. The material, the subject, a musical, back where she belongs: Music and Motion Picture. If she took this film, she would have them eating her dust - forever!

I am a huge fan and obsessed with Sunset Blvd. - the film. And there could never be a remake of that film but this is different for it's the musical version and NOBODY could play it but Madonna.

Interestingly enough, a few years ago I was talking to my friend and when asked what I would like to see Madonna do, I suggested that I would love to see Madonna in the musical version of Sunset Blvd. He thinks Madonna is too egocentric and youth obsessed to accept a role as an aging silent movie queen. Aging is her Kryptonite - his fab quote, not mine. I disagree though. I think she would chew it. She was fab in Evita and tackled that with brilliance and would do the same, if not better, as Norma Desmond in Sunset Blvd.

She's ready for her close-up, Mr. DeMille:


  1. That would be an interesting choice and could play to her strengths. But I think the role taps into several themes she is not interested in exploring... aging and being forgotten. If she considers it, it would be an incredible project. The movie would get a lot of media attention for not only the subject matter, but for her return to the silver screen and her return to a musical.

    I just hope if she ever accepts another movie role, she doesn't play some scandelous Mrs. Robinson character.

  2. I wonder who would make a good Joe Gillis, opposite her.... I'm thinking Ewan McGregor.

  3. I totally agree with you! This part is MADE for Madonna and is the role of a lifetime! She did Evita like no one else could and she would do the same, especially with this role! I hope it works out!

  4. Sunset Boulevard is my favorite movie ever.It's perfect in every way,the dialogues are stellar,and Gloria Swanson is Majestic.This movie is a piece of history,LOVE IT.

  5. I would love for her to do it but this would mean no albums for a while. Hope she does though. She needs an Oscar...xoxox

  6. Piers Morgan has some really bad karma. For someone who despises Madonna so much, he certainly cannot escape her. And like everything else, Madonna just forges ahead without even an acknowledgement. Classic and smooth!

    For clarity, Aging isn't Madonna's kryptonite. Publicly acknowledging it on the other hand...

  7. When has madonna ever talked about not wanting to age? lol. she looks forward, not backwards. just because she is 52 dating younger men does not mean she is youth obsessed. it means she likes men who can fcuk good still and keep up with her. gays do it all the time.

    never seen this movie, but from reading about it, seems it would be a great choice for madonna, but ALW isnt directing it so it really isnt even up to him, even if she said yes.

  8. Tony,you never seen the movie ? Where do you live ? Inside a bottle ?

  9. @Tony...You should see the movie, oh and rethink your statement! You really think that it's who she dates that indicates her aversion to aging? I'd say there are plenty of other clues that are way more obvious. That said, Madonna is doing what she wants to do, which I adore, admire and respect. That doesn't mean that she doesn't come across as a fading beauty and slightly grotesque occasionally. I repeat. Occasionally. Perhaps that within itself is why Sunset Blvd is a little too close to home for Madonna in a very modern way.

  10. Madonna has always dated younger men. Who wants an old man? I sure don't.

    Maar, I am 32. Not into B&W movies and this film never interested me. Might check it out one day.

  11. I also agree that it would be a perfect return to the silver screen for M! And a respectable one! Bring it on I say!!!!

  12. pud... i LOVE sunset blvd too... it's an epic story, masterfully shot... easily in my top 5. that being said, M would NEVER do this project. sure, the aging beauty & forgotten icon subject matter would go against every ounce of her being... but more than that, I think the "dark side of hollywood"=" subject matter just wouldn't appeal to her anymore. obviously.. she's not taking weber's call. M's focus of these past few years is philanthropy & directing... notably, a biopic about british royalty. maybe i'll be eating my words in 2 years :) but if i do, she's gonna be pretty desperate for some face time. unless of course, she & live nation take sunset blvd on the road... lol

  13. what does somebody's taste in men have to do with their taste in music, art, cinema, etc??

  14. Just like with any other issue surrounding Madonna, there are multiple layers of complexity and contradiction---did she exploit sex for publicity, or did she truly use it as a tool for self-expression? is she spiritual, or is she a cynic trying to make up for all her ambition? does she have a messiah complex, or is she doing all this amazing philanthropic work from the heart? and so on...

    this is why Madonna is the ultimate Icon, not just the Queen of Pop. She contains multitudes.

    And so with the issue of aging, it's the same thing. Tony is right, but everyone else is right too. Staying youthful in body, mind, and soul should be EVERYONE's mission in life (youthful understood in a broad sense), but most people can't afford, don't have the time, or don't want to put in the work to live like this. Just because someone does have the time, can afford, and wants to put in the work to live like this doesn't make her averted to age.

    There are so many gender and sexuality issues that inevitably come up when discussing Madonna's life-persona that it's difficult to discern. But suffice it to say that she keeps us talking.

    That's why she is truly one of the Great people to have walked this Earth.

    I hope she does this project and gives it her own twist, and surprises everyone.

  15. @JC's comment: "That would be an interesting choice and could play to her strengths. But I think the role taps into several themes she is not interested in exploring... aging and being forgotten."


    That's why I think she could never do it. She couldn't bring herself to explore and feel those things which are necessary for the role. Hits too close to home.