Thursday, April 7, 2011

Madonna and Child - Vanity Fair - March 1998

The making of Ray of Light and Lourdes Maria Ciccone Leon.


  1. I love the 5th picture. She looks so hot here, like a real woman. A new mother, but still sexy and classy. Wish she had this style again. Anyone agree should expand her wardrobe and stop wearing black? Sigh.


  2. oh man! how i remember the day going into, yes, K-mart, and buying this! she was so beautiful, she was glowing! love this cover more then anything during this era and it was the start of what was to come. LOVE it!!!!!

  3. At themadonnablog...
    My pal, thank you so much. This is the way i want her to be... Look at her curves and outfits. So feminine and beautiful. I like her even if she's naked but unfortunately she's losing her beautiful butterly body since hard candy due to her extreme gym workouts. Whatever she wore for the last tour made her look like a drag queen. But most of the fans never agree the truths surrounding her.
    Isn't this pud whacker a fucking cool guy? Wow! I love his blog.

    1. I agree with you.
      As a fan since 1989, I look at her most recent photos and appearances in events and it saddens and scares me to think she is so obsessed with trying to look younger that her natural beauty is being lost too fast.
      And many fans don't accept when we say that.

  4. uh, madonna had the S&S body during WTG and the BA tours. It's called her tour body. she just had a baby in these pics and she is also 13 years older now. lol