Sunday, April 24, 2011

Terry Wogan Interviews Madonna

Glamour Queen.

Listen, it doesn't get anymore gorgeous than this. Here in America we got little snippets (snippets!!!!) of this interview on MTV that my friends and I referred to "the green dress day", because we knew no better. It was our quest to get the entire interview. Well, of course, it didn't happen until the internet era - 5,000 years after the fact. But, it was well worth the wait.

Promoting Truth or Dare (In Bed with Madonna), Madonna sits down with Terry Wogan looking fabulous with a radiance that just won't quit. This is 1991 and take notice that her beauty mark above her lip is not present and it has gravitated underneath her left eye.

Madonna on the loss of her mother, homophobia, Catholicism, the Vatican, Evita, self love, dreams, sexism, honesty, her dad, Michael Jackson, Sean Penn, her friends, being a 'role model', her early years pre-fame, acting, producing, directing, even Easter and a plethora more. It's a long interview but she covers a hell of a lot. Also, I've always loved how she is absolutely perched in position for the camera and when they do the long shot, her legs are all over the place but she makes sure for that camera she is flawless. One of my all-time favorite interviews.

Wogan: You're a heroine, of course, to many billions of young people - young girls and even boys.

Madonna: Mmmhmm.


  1. LOL @ "her legs are all over the place", so funny!

    What a gem, I had never seen this interview before, only the ones with the Australian guy and the Japanese woman. She looks absolutely gorgeous. I've always loved her interviews 'cause she's so honest.She always says that she's impatient, but I find her very patient with people who interview her. Thanks for this one!

  2. The only problem with this interview is Terry Wogan's dreadful shirt.

    She looks great. At the peak of her poewer. Could the Sex book really be just a year away?

  3. aaahh... the last moments of the innocent Madonna...