Tuesday, May 24, 2011

7 Years Ago Today - Front Row Center - ReInvention Tour

This is the one and only photo I have ever taken of Madonna.

7 years ago today, I was front row center with my sister at opening night of Madonna's ReInvention Tour at the legendary Los Angeles (Inglewood) Great Western Forum. It was the first time I had ever been that close at a Madonna concert. When I say front row center, I mean it. Nobody in front of us and dead center. It was fabulous. Before the show started, we were so nervous. Then The Beast Within started and she came up for Vogue. It was out of this world. At one point we had been jumping with one hand in the air for so long it felt like we were transported back to the 1930's at some bizarre Nazi rally jumping for a Blonde Goddess. It was strange and surreal.

Madonna's so strong and agile. Vocally she was supreme. In person, she was beyond gorgeous. We came home and looked on the AP wires for the photos. My sister said, "that is not the woman we saw tonight" because it just didn't photograph the same. In person, she glowed. Always much more beautiful in person. It was a wonderful live experience that we will never forget.


  1. was there too,it was a fantastic nite. For the opening nite i had horrible seats (nosebleed) but after that my seats started getting better. I went to 18 shows around the country with 4 being in the first row and one on the third one thanks to Guy Oseary.
    DWT its her best show ever IMO but the RIT was incredible amazing. RIT is very special to me because in one of the nite i was on the first row she came out with her guitar playing "Nothing fails" and we were right in front of her,my friend couldnt even move,she was too emotional and i was the one sending her kisses screaming at her "i love you,i love you" and she would just smile back at me moving her head like telling me "i know i know" lol. It was fantastic,i will never forget it.

  2. Oh, Brother....I remember that night like it was yesterday! We lost about 7 lbs from all the sweating & it was the first time we realized this exotic, rapturous creature was something more than human! (In the BEST possible way, of course: ALIEN WOMAN!!!) God, what a night...what an inspiration!!!! Miss you, love you......
    ~sister xo 

  3. Holy $hit! $15.00? My RIT tix were $100 each and I was on the first aisle, right of the stage. I had a great view though of the whole spectacle. Yeah, the opening was one of the best ever. Sent shivers down my spine. Was scary almost. Liked it MUCH more than DWT. I saw them both in Wash, DC.

  4. Was such a GREAT show! remember being there opening night, but the traffic was so bad that i had to run a mile to get there so got in halfway through vogue. and yes, was hot as hell in there!

    glad i got to see the show two other nights in a newer venue (san jose).

    she did so many shows in california i got my opening night seats for under $20 a piece on ebay.

  5. and Maar, DWT is her WORST tour ever. Sad, depressing and boring.

    That is not what a pop show should be.

  6. @Lager,its seems that it says 15 dollars but those tickets were 315,on the ticket is hard to see it LOL !

    @Tony,a lot of fans think the same but for me DWT remains her best one ever.

  7. WOW Pud!!! how could you get row 1 seat 1??? PLEASE TELL ME!!!! You work for Ticketmaster?? iT's one of my deepest doubts how to get those places, AMAZING!!!! I've been in the last show in Lisbon were the ticket said "This show will be filmed". I've been witing anxously and thanks god the time ago it was finally full leeacked!!

  8. sister - big kiss.

    iager - 315. not 15. !!!!

    diego - it was just luck.

    tony and maar - xo

  9. Flew to LA to see this show with my BFF and loved it! We had shitty seats, but could see back stage! A wonderful and brilliant night that I won't forget. At least we got to see M get picked up by all the dancers after the show ended!

  10. What lucky guys you all are!!! This is the only occasion i hate to say that i'm an Indian. Coz she never gives live tours for her indian tours. And i don't know if she'll ever.... Anyway i'll be flying to London this year end and i hope that i'll never miss her london shows thereafter. Pud, you're the person i'm envying the most in this world.

  11. Yeah, how lucky you are! I'd like to be there, the Greatest Hits Tour.

  12. I'll never forget winning pit tickets to her opening night show in NYC.

    I thought the same thing being that close to her...my God...she's gorgeous, so much more beautiful than the pictures I'd seen for so many years.

    Her eyes, her eyes, her eyes...magnificent.

    It's too bad by the time I was 2nd row for Sticky and Sweet that her face had changed so much. She looked like a mannequin, it was sad.

    Anyhow, long live Re-Invention. One of the best concert experiences of my life.

    Here's a vid of me in the pit. :)