Sunday, May 22, 2011

Andy Warhol - "It was just the Most Exciting Weekend of My Life" - August 16th 1985 - Madonna & Sean Penn Wed

Andy Warhol Diary Entry.

From People Magazine - Madonna was pissed off that Keith and Andy allowed People to photograph the art they collaborated on together. Ha! So great.

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  1. I've always been fascinated with her relationship with Warhol. Were they friends or more acquaintances?

  2. @rl81 - from what i understand, madonna's real relationship was with keith, not andy. andy was actually keith's "plus one" to the wedding. i've heard that andy was quite smitten w/M and declared after seeing the virgin tour, "she's gonna be huge."

  3. I think that Warhol had more of a quiet affection for Madonna than one of his earlier 'superstars'. In my opinion he saw her as one of them, but she was already riding high in the mainstream. Warhol didn't own her or have his personal mark on her, so it was almost like the "one that got away" feeling for him. Does that make any sense? Anyway, I think he personally adored Madonna and of course Keith did. And who wouldn't? She was the embodiment of the underground art, slight punk, DIY fashion as form and bohemiac ideal with an ear for pop. Perfection!

  4. @ trey - and then of course there is the basquiat connection...

    i don't think madonna had too much affection for andy, however. i often get that impression.

  5. LOVE this. The New York Art Scene connection - Madonna has always operated as an artist in the same way as Haring & Basqiat did; while they took their perspectives as gay and black men respectively, to the masses through their grafitti / art, so Madonna took her postmodern feminist perspective to the masses through her medium, on a grander scale of course. She really was of her time.
    LOVE this also for that day, that month, that year. Her and Sean were as Warhol says, perfect.

  6. @evrybdygegeget
    Ah yes, the Basquiat connection! I'd love to know more about their (M and Jean's) relationship. It's so cloudy. In my opinion (and I love Andy Warhol for weird reasons) JM Basquiat was another talented artist duped into Warhol world. B was a gutter painter with true talent whereas Andy was a "superstar" maker and mainly a provocateur. I think Madonna's lack of affection for Andy is because she didn't need him. This is all my own perception of these people and I am probably completely wrong, but there we are.


  7. ^ that is actually a really interesting theory, and i say that as an andy fan.