Friday, May 13, 2011

Don't Knock It, Donovan

You can't get this shade of red anymore.



  1. love her, too, but this look always reminds me of a lost Golden Girl. great movie, though! love her in comedies.

  2. i'm biased by my love of M, but i think this movie is woefully underrated. i just watched it a few months ago and it holds up.

  3. Ha ha.

    I LOOOOOOOOVE this movie. And my sis, who despises Madonna and everything she does, adores this movie as well.

    Always felt it got a bad rap, which it really didn't deserve. It's actually a pretty decent quirky little comedy. And Madonna's good in it. Very good actually.

    You can't see anyone else playing Niki Finn.

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  5. Tony yes! hahah! she does look like a lost Golden Girl! i never thought it till i read your comment! she's so cute here!!

  6. Has anybody else noticed that in some of the car scenes there's a REALLY bad stunt double with a terrible wig on?