Thursday, May 26, 2011

If you like Lady Gaga and think she's not a Madonna Wanna Be - DON'T LISTEN TO THIS

Howard Stern breaks it all down perfectly about the putrid Lady Gaga.


  1. I don't really have an opinion on Gaga but this Howard Stern piece is pretty hilarious.
    Gaga does seem quite passive-agressive. Also, "when I wake up in the morning I have to remind myself I am a superstar"....really? As if you should take stardom seriously.....oy.

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  3. Ha ha...23 posts later and you are still hating on Gaga! I am loving it! Gaga is dominating your pro-Madonna page and I am not sure why. This reminds me of 1992 when everyone hated Madonna and she couldn't understand why people were still writing about her. Also, I am not sure if Howard Stern is a good frame of reference for pop music but it's criticism so people will take it. It's all too funny to me.

    Pud, as always, thank you for all of your Madonna love...I LOVE IT!!!

  4. oh LADY HAHA!! she is one big turd of knock off.

    finally more and more people are coming forward with it.

    someone found Lady Cacas journal in it:

    "Daddy i want to be popstar but im FUG what can i do? "

    "rip off madonna and where costumes to distract the face!"

  5. Buster, when the hottest pop star of the day (who's made herself pretty much ubiquitous and inescapable) bases her career on obsessive and meticulously thorough artistic piracy from Madonna, it makes sense that Madonna's fans would have something to say.

    Howard gets it exactly can anyone fall for this?

  6. If people would stop comparing lady to madonna there would be no need ro point out the differences. It's not pud that is drawing the comparisons. He points out the obvious contrasts. If the lady fans and press would stop saying that lady oas the next madonna outer thee new madonna...we wouldn't post why she isn't. It isn't port of being obsessed with lady or threatened. Rather, it is because we don't like madonna being compared with someone who is so utterly unlike madonna...try as lady does.

  7. oh buster, ive wondered where youve been. aside from counting backwards to the last gag post youve become... (repellent lady gaga/sam kinison voice) ....A LITTLE MONSTER!!!!!! CMON NEW YORK CITY!!!!!! FOLLOW MY GAY TWINKLE DUST INTO FARCKLEDOM!!!!!


    shes what people are discussing and it always includes how shes a MADONNA wannabe. so yes, it will be on here until she decides to go rip off someone elses career.

  8. Ha ha! I love you Pud!

    I've said it before...
    At the end of the day, our words and evil comments have done nothing to change anything. Madonna's career is as it has always been, people who love Gaga will continue to do so - all of these comments (much like bad reviews) mean nothing.

    If Gaga is truly a rip off and not talented and is all the other ugly things you said about her, then her work will speak for itself. If Madonna truly was as ground breaking as everyone has mentioned (and I think she has been) then her work will speak and has spoken for itself. Why we have to be so ugly and mean about it and take it so personal is beyond me.

    If you don't like Gaga or Madonna, then don't like them. To be so foul against any of them says more about us then it does about the artists themselves.

    The funniest thing about all of this is that neither Madonna nor Gaga could give a shit about anyone of us. Think about that the next time you expend so much energy in hating either one of them.

    I happen to like them both but that's because I am a fan of music. I first fell in love with Madonna in January of 1984 on AB and have loved her ever since. I have seen her live 18 times, I attended the premiere of Evita, was in the pit for one of the RIT shows, and I had a close encounter with her in 93 in NYC for Girlie Show. I am a TRUE fan like most of you.

    Madonna is The Queen and is special to special that I don't have to put anyone down to prove it.

  9. gaga obviously follows the queen of pop step by step and it's funny how she doesn't mention madonna as her big "inspiration" anymore. gaga is meant to live in madonna's shadow. that's for sure.

  10. but your ENTIRE long winded comment IS a put down buster - what are you talking about? lets get real baby.

    i CLEARLY stated in the TITLE of this post that if you liked gaga - best not to come in here. you came in with an agenda. try it with the monsters baby - theyre slow. not here, dear. is that clear, dear? xo

    everyone knows that i think shes putrid and a joke. hence why i posted the WONDERFUL commentary by howard stern. he hit the nail on the head.

    this is a MADONNA FAN BLOG.

    anyone with a problem with me discussing other 'pop stars' in here - HIT THE ROAD.

  11. you get the picture????!! THAT MEANS STOP FUCKING WITH ME!!!

    fr. BAT cannes hbo 1990 quote for u young ones.

    one point i want to put out there. Its not about if M or Caca care what we think. or even if Madonna doesn't care.
    its about preserving our memories of Madonna and not being tainted and coated with Lady shit fug all over them. I think we all agree and would love not to mention big bag of FUG comparisons but we must come forward till she STOPS!

    and ps if caca says shes looks like madonna one more time im going to puke!

  12. OMG I LOVE howard stern, he is so so so funny, loves the way he rips in to gaga and god knows she needs ripping into the copy cat get your own material gaga arghhhhhhh xxx

  13. Was that a fucking lecture or a concert? I'm confused!

    I really tried to watch that show, but it's so annoying, even with all the hype on it, I had to turn off the TV. And then I watched the Blond Ambition instead.

    Also, what the heck?!, she started the show wearing an exaggerated, horrendous purple Hung Up assemble. Could she be any more ripper-off?

    I feel cheated. Precious 15 minutes were lost! All I was able to hear during which was "NEW YOOOOOORK", "MADISON SQUARE GARDEEEEEEN", or "THE MONSTER BAAAAAAALLL". Shut it and sing, dance, perform, do anything but crying out loud for Christ's sake!

  14. btw, I meant "ensemble", not assemble. mah English too bad! :D

  15. I didn't come in with an agenda - I am not looking to be right or change minds - simply contributing to the conversation. I certainly didn't come to the blog with the intentions of being ugly to each other. Just because we disagree doesn't mean we can't have this conversation in a decent way. Either way, this is your blog and I respect it.

  16. you guys are such simpletons. there is no such thing as originality in and there never was. only individuality; art based on a person's lived experience. i see less and less madonna in gaga with every new project of hers.

    read this essay and maybe you'll learn something:

    and pud - this guy, really? could you align yourself with more of a douche-bag?

    this blog is starting to stink.

  17. On the contrary, as days go by, I see more and more of Madonna in CaCa. From where I'm standing, I reckon she didn't blantantly copy Madonna like that. Now, it's getting sick the way she xeroxes her. Case closed.

  18. Yes, that Express Yourself cover followed by her wanna-Catholic bait (the Vatican yawned) really set her apart.

    Gag's "lived experience" is a crock of shit, her entire fabricated backstory is a creepy Madonna tribute in itself, and the poor thing's even said herself that she cried and prayed at night for God to make her "strange". Says it all.

    And really? Articles about postmodernism on a Madonna blog..don't think you know your audience or the subject at hand, bub.

    Now run along and worship Mother Monster, maybe she'll teach you some cool new artsy words to throw for simpletons by a simple, mayo on white bread rich girl. So easily pleased.

  19. @ Madonna's Paladin - you're right about the audience - im sure the article went way over your head too.

    and gaga never said she prayed for God to make her 'strange'. what's your source? i think you're making shit up to back-up your opinion.

    and oh, whilst i don't think gaga's backstory is fabricated, didn't madonna famously exxagerate her arrival in times square? how did it go - 'ballet slippers in tow and only $30 in her pocket'? yeh right. even her brother debunked that. madonna's the biggest lying-Leo fabricator of them all and you know it.

    the truth is there are more inherent similarities between gaga and m than many of you would care to admit. everything else is just a simple-minded, myopic fan jumping to conclusions.

    and im an m fan first and have been for over 20 years. so don't tell me to run along anywhere. unlike you i'm able to look at things objectively.

    @ João - the case is most certainly not closed and won't be until your host, pud, stops posting about her. talk to him. and i think you're quite deluded. so gaga wears a purple leotard and she's suddenly ripping off madonna. tell me - who was madonna's inspiration for the leotard/hung up look again?

    and personally i prefer going to a concert where there is banter between songs and the performer is not just on auto-pilot. it's called heart. maybe you're just used to m's in-and-out robotic, heartless shows of late.

    gaga on madonna during an interview with stephen fry for the financial times, may 2011:

    "I genuinely love her so much. I think she is so amazing. She could never be replicated and, yes, I’m Italian, I’m from New York, and not for nothing, it’s not my fault that I kind of look like her, right? So, look, if anything, it’s more annoying to me that people would insinuate that I don’t like to be compared to her… She’s wonderful and inspiring and liberating, and she’s certainly inspired my album, as did David Bowie, as did Prince, as did Michael Jackson, as did Grace Jones, and I would never take that away."

    lay the fuck off.

  20. Deluded, ignorant Madonna fans, if only they had the insight to understand Joanne's performance art and cultural influence like the 14-16 set does.

    “I used to pray every night that God would make me crazy. I prayed that God would teach me something, that he would instil in me a creativity and a strangeness that all of those people that I love and respected had.”

    Just a bland Upper East Side girl who thought it would be super cool to be a rock stah. Are you crushed? Putting so much stock in something with so little value, at an age where you should have the wisdom and education to know better. Does she made you feel free and liberated?

    Of course Christopher is the most unbiased source in the world, we need to believe what he has to say if we're being "objective." And at the end of the day, we know that Madonna wasn't spending her days drinking with other rich college hipsters in New York, thinking "I am so rock and roll rite now you guys, this is totally like The Factory."

  21. The more you talk about someone in the press, the more they stay relevant. Just ask Madonna.

  22. There is no such thing as 'art' when it comes to Lady Gaga. She is talented, but does not have any type of 'it' factor and is nowhere near the superstar the lonely and sad ones have made her.


  23. @ Madonna's Paladin - whatever, i'm not playing this game with you. i enjoy them both!

    @ Tony - lol if you say so.

  24. gaga is a shit!!
    Madonna = god!!!

  25. @ evrybdygegeget - lol if you think she is pretty, a good dancer and anything more then a jersey shore reject.