Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Midas Touch - Causing a Commotion - Madonna's 13th Consecutive Top 5 Hit!

In 1984, Madonna had her first Top 5 hit with Lucky Star - it made its way to number 4. In 3 short years with 1987's Causing a Commotion - the second single from the Who's That Girl soundtrack - she garnered her 13th consecutive Top 5 hit!

The Queen.


  1. i never liked this song so much, but this is so impressive!! 13 consecutive top5 hits in only 3 years!! now she is the only solo artist with the most top10 hits!!

  2. i love the serious mary heart and her shoulder pads.

  3. I love Causing A Commotion,especially the Movie House Edit.It's a fierce song,and her vocals are great.

  4. This is one of my top 5 Madonna songs. I LOVE IT!

    The bass kicks ass...and I love when she sings "Get into the groove".

    I really wish there was a video for this song. I'm sure if there was, it would have went to number 1, instead of number 2.

    Thanks for posting PUD! Great memory for me!


  5. @CodeX: The Movie House mix is great. I wish there was an 3 minute edit of it that included that piano bridge.

    @Madonna Blog: I've always thought that as well... a video might have given the song just the added push to climb that last notch on the Billboard HOT 100 and hit #1. (You know... another poll idea for your blog might be which one is her best movie soundtrack single")

  6. She could do no wrong for almost a solid decade.