Thursday, May 12, 2011

Sex Kitten

^ this photo was sold at The Virgin Tour as a huge poster.

^And, of course, the one they used for the inaugural Spin Magazine's May 1985 issue where they left the black sand on her face is my preferred one.

Madonna + Beach = Sex.


  1. This photo shoot made me fall in love with her! Well really the Virgin Tour Book!

  2. that jawline!

    herb shot this, right? the black sand on skin is so him

  3. the black sand, the firey red lace, the crucifix, those lucious lips & those mesmerizing eyes... i love how Herb took her outta the concrete jungle and dropped her in the middle of paradise for one of her best shoots ever! something very pagan and witchy about this shoot

    are any of these included in the 5 images that were projected on the huge scrims during the opening of the virgin tour? i was always fascinated by those larger-than-life shots.

  4. yes the 3rd from last shot was the pic that was on Madge's screen during the opening intro to the Virgin tour!