Wednesday, June 15, 2011

January 28, 1985 - Shrine Auditorium - American Music Awards

One of the greatest Rock and Roll shots of all-time.

The first ever appearance on an award show where Madonna presented. This was for Favorite Black Album and Prince and the Revolution won for Purple Rain. Here she is sex hole wearing her Jean Paul Gaultier zip up corset dress. In the following weeks, she would head to Japan for Like a Virgin promotion and Hawaii for that legendary photo shoot. This photo by Brad Elterman is backstage with the press and here's what he had to say about it.

“I was hired by Dick Clark’s press agent to cover the American Music Awards nearly every year for a decade. I had incredible access and I wanted to make a great photograph of this new singer called Madonna. There is little potential to be creative in this small area, but it made a wonderful photograph.”


  1. She looked FABULOUS that night. She was so 'Madonna' it's unbelievable. Must have been an exciting time for her.

  2. That is an iconic press image right up there with the best of old Hollywood glamour! Can't get that these days - close but not like that!

  3. Isn't is amazing that she held onto this look for the Hawaii shoot? (Make-up and hair - BTW PUD - you must MUST do a story on the blue Hawaii photos with the blonde extensions with the palm trees in the back round...biting the cross of my favorite shoots!) THIS SHOT is AMAZING! I recently took this down from my refrigerator - it was up for so long! I think I have every angle from every camera standing before her in my very own Madonna scrap book of yester year! xoxo

  4. If the photogs only knew what we knew! The most brilliant star in the galaxy was in their presence!

  5. Brilliant shot, even after all these years.

    Such a telling shot, and an incredible moment in time caught on film.

    Still one of my favorite celeb shots of all time, and in my top 10 of my favorite Madonna shots.

  6. This reminds me her appearance at the Grammy Awards 21 years later. Stunnig!