Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Madonna Jets into London

Wearing flats and looking fantastic! I love Madonna in flats. xo

Go HERE to madonnarama for HQ shots. xo


  1. Ummmm... Let's be real... You love M in ANYTHING... Not just flats!!

    (Me too, by the way...)

    Love your blog... So great... You in LA, too??


  2. OMG! The mole looks as if its back in this shot! Check it out... The mole is BACK under her nose!

  3. The mole has always been there, just covered up! I wish she would bring it back too. She looks very cute and sweet. And damn, Rocco and David are getting so big!

  4. wait, WHAT. rocco has facial hair?!

  5. Uh Trey? I beg to differ! She does NOT - in fact "just cover that mole up" - She had it removed years ago...that was the rumor back in the late 90's. I could be wrong - but I just can't picture her blatching on some cover up all the time. We really should let Pud do a piece on her mole. Pud? you there?

  6. wow! those eyes are to die for!!
    i will say once again that i LOVE the fact that M wears clothes more than once!! she is the style!!

  7. My 2 cents on The Mole: it was never that big or visible, just look at really early pictures from her days in Michigan etc, she just enhanced it when she got famous (and right before) and probably grew tired of that by the 90ies.
    Anyway, she looks gooood and David is gonna be a handsome guy in a few years, wow.

  8. Raga. The mole has been there since the beginning (birth). M used to accentuate her beauty mark, but by the mid nineties she started to cover it up. I always loved the mole and wish she would bring it back. The "Rumor" is just a rumor. You and I are on the same page. We love Madonna. No need to have Pud do a piece, but that would be cool.

    take care Raga.