Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Mahalo! Madonna Does Hawaii

Over the last 28 years, she's been so many women that it's difficult to put them all together. But here, Madonna's Hussy Sex Bomb incarnation was superbly photographed by Herb Ritts in Hawaii ~ at the height of Like a Virgin's success.

Living in pop culture's Madonna Aftermath - it's hard to remember the furor she caused just wearing her innate sex. The Gloria Steinem feminists were horrified, saying she was setting women back 25 years. Seems tame now - throes of ecstasy, nipples and all - but you can still feel it.

Two of these shots were featured in Rolling Stone's Summer Style section in May 1985.


  1. She wore SEX - Agreed! These are the ultimate Summer pictures! XO TXS

  2. Madonna also started the pop star as editorial and fashion cover model.

  3. Loved these photos! It was "the boys of summer" right? wasn't this the issue with M and Roseanna on the cover?

  4. What a period in time! This was such a fantastic photo shoot...probably one of the top 5 favorites of mine! So beautiful, so sexy, so everything!!!