Thursday, June 30, 2011

:MG + NYC: Macy's Material Girl Line ~ Fall

@MaterialGirlCol @MissKellyO

Kelly Osbourne has returned as the face for Macy's Material Girl Back to School line due in September .:MG + NYC:.

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  1. What a stupid project just to indulge that little piece of shit Lola instead of focusing on music.

  2. Oh, I dont like this project but Im sure M is doing it for a good reason. Lola needs college money sweetie!!! hope it goes away like the the gaps and H&Ms soon.

  3. @Daniel, yes I'm ok it just angers me to see Lola, little shits like her with famous parents should just stay at home or out of the public eye for a plethora of different reasons.

    Not all celebrity children can be Liza Minnelli, and Madonna just wants to force this little shit on everyone and I dislike it.

    Shoot me for having an opinion.

  4. Poor Ramon has some serious issues.

  5. Love Lola, she's a cool young chick. Couldn't care less about the MG line.

  6. oh so this is where m was heading that day the paps snapped her in that outfit. lola's cute... and the tiniest facial mannerisms remind me of her mum. kelly's cool but it's all so 'PR speak' in these videos.

  7. As Scrappy pointed out, Ramon has some serious issues.

    Madonna has done an incredible job of raising Lola into a "normal" girl. When you watch the Material Girl line promotional footage and get to hear/see Lola, she sounds like any other young teenage girl out there. Not at all what many (like I'm sure Ramon for example) predicted her to be like at all.

    Madonna didn't force anything upon Lola. Nor did Lola force anything upon Madonna. They are a mother and daughter, and probably wanted to do something a little more "partnership-ish" together, and this is what they decided on. I'm not surprised, since Lola has to have some of the best style out there. She is consistently written about for her stellar style.

    My God...the things you wrote about Lola here are just simply awful Ramon. You need therapy. Seriously. You don't know Lola, so don't make such terrible assumptions about her.

    Honestly, some people make me wonder what the f#$k happened in their lives to make them turn out some miserable jerks.