Monday, June 13, 2011

Open Your Heart (Sticky & Sweet Acoustic Demo)

That voice, that song, that guitar, it's perfection! A big thanks to you!
Madonna + Open Your Heart = Everything.


  1. wow! that was really GREAT!! i guess M should do an acoustic album with covers by her back catalogue sometime!
    pud, do you know where i can find the mp3 of this???

  2. That was absolutely beautiful; gorgeous little gem; thanks x

  3. Do you happen to have a download link? It's gorgeous.

  4. Beautiful.

    I didn't like much of the way she remixed some tracks for Sticky and Sweet (Like a Prayer comes to mind), but this rendition of Open Your Heart is really gorgeous.

    Love it.

  5. LOVE this! She must play this on the next tour. It could give her some down time from dancing and would really please a crowd since she hasn't performed this in more than 20 years!