Monday, July 11, 2011

Just Complete Fabulousness

From a French Madonna special that aired last night. I love it!!! That hair, that fuck face, everything.

This is an interview they did on the set of Desperately Seeking Susan. Notice her bored flipping through Interview Magazine waiting to do her scene. Also that complete fabulousness when she's wearing that outfit from "Gary, she's taking the car keys". When she goes down to place the ad.

And note that snotty brilliance of when she says "I was named MADONNA at birth". Because nobody could take it and they still can't. The ultimate blasphemous Catholic name. Not a biblical name, a name created to refer to the Holy Clean Pure Virgin Blessed Mother. And she knows it.



  1. Of course I've always known her real name is Madonna but even after all these years it doesn't ceases to fascinate me because it's SO PERFECT. While the most basic of basic bitches STEFANNI GERMANOTTA and all the others had to change their names to make it, Madonna was borned with the ideal name for superstardom, she didn't have to change a thing. She's a child of destiny.

    I've fantasized about naming a daughter if I had one with Madonna, but I'm afraid it would sound ridiculous, I mean it's such a potent, unbelievable name, it's almost sacriligious for anyone else to have it except for Madonna Cicconne.

    Does anyone know why her mother was named Madonna?? I'm DYING to know. Of course Madonna was named after her mother but what was Madonna Fortin named after? Has M's grandmother ever commented?? what was the name of her grandmother btw? I mean it's so weird to me.

  2. wow... never seen this before! Simply STUNNING!


    this is a gem of a clip! Shes was so cunty and gorgeous!

    Love the DSS parts!


  4. Oh.My.God. Never seen this - Pud where DO you find this stuff? *bowing down*

    @Ramón, M's grandmother (from her mother's side) was named Elsie, and she survived two of her children, M's mother and a son. Sad.

  5. @Ramón...I looked it up for you, this is the link to Elsie's obituary, it tells her life story. She had 8 kids, four of whom died. Even more sad!
    Anyway here's the link

  6. Great footage. Could have been shot last week! And she's wearing the fabulous Desperately Seeking Susan boots. I miss this Madonna. She was so full of attitude. And so completely gorgeous.

    On a trip to New York a few years ago I went to Battery Park and had a daydream I saw Madonna sitting on the fence just like Rosanna Arquette did.

  7. Ramon, thanks for your "A child of destiny" definition. It sums up, oh so very much! Yet, to M's credit: not every such child necessarily fulfills her or his purpose...

    Very conscious choices, indivisible resolution, vision and focus are required for it -- a magnificent obsession to live by, indeed!

    Madonna Fortin (another child of destiny?) was named by Elsie and Willard Fortin after a friend of Elsie's, named indeed Madonna -- a nurse somewhere in Saginaw, Standish or even maybe Bay City itself.

    And, being that today is MF's 78 birthday, maybe it'd be worth for each to ask themselves -- am I fulfilling the destiny I came here to live?

    Here's a few hints on how togo about it, courtesy of MC herself -- establish contact with the source of infinite power; then you can do what you're meant to do...

    Or, in other words:
    go inside
    for your finest inspiration
    your dreams will open the door

    Thanks, Pud.
    Long live the Queens!

  8. wow wow wow!! I'm in love again... memeories of being 8 and dancing to into the groove.... just what I needed this morning

  9. This look is by FAR my favorite M look (Virgin era)!! This clip is EVERYTHING and MORE!!!!!!

  10. Pud, where can we watch the whole thing?

  11. You can watch it here :

    But i guess it does not work outside of France.
    Well, those clips are the best thing from this B.S documentary. Chrsitopher is interviewed and he's an a-hole as usual, Barbara victor a biographer is a cunt and Camille Barbone still can't fathom the fact that she did not create Madonna and almost admit she was in love with her.
    As usual Maripol is the voice of reason in these documentaries. Chris looks more and more like Jabba the hut. It's not well documented at all.

  12. i'm finally back in pud a new account thingy again...anyway,yesssssssss yesssssss yessssssssss this is a gem.stunning you say.

  13. "DSS" needs a special edition DVD release as there are lots of stories about the film and other behind the scenes clips and images. Maybe when it turns 30 years old hopefully.

    It is madonnas best movie from the eighties without doubt.

    Long live the Queen.