Sunday, July 3, 2011

Madonna Working with Sandy Vee on New Album?

IS SHE?!!!?


  1. Nope.

    It was just a silly rumor started by a fan. I have no clue why Madonnarama published it without checking who the source was.

    Anyhow, it's not true.

  2. hopefully not:

  3. i didn't know him until i read the wiki link above and i totally afree with evrybdygegeget. britney, perry, guetta, rihanna? no thanx.

  4. People people relax. Its false. As i said before I think whatever she does will be amazing! Think about it! its about MADONNAS recipe always has been.
    everyone keeps going on I WANT PL OR SB OR SHEP BACK! YAWN! what have they done so amazing without Madonna? Please list if you can tell me.
    She moves forward! CAN NOT WAIT FOR RECORD! and yes im blasting HC at gym soon mostly the PHARRELL STUFF!
    EAT IT!

  5. martin solveig is the first confirmed producer...working worth madonna today!

  6. Although Madonnarama's Martin Solveig story was presented as a fact, Sandy Vee was absolutely not!

    "Some claim you can also spot French songwriter and music producer Sandy Vee in the last picture. Nothing has been confirmed yet…

    We'll see!