Sunday, July 10, 2011

Madonna/Madonna: The First Album

This was, is and will always be my favorite photo session and album cover of all time - until they throw dirt on my grave. And even then, it will remain.

Everything about it is perfect. The hair, the fuck face, the
jewelry, even the t-shirt. I know Gary Heery shit himself when he saw that popping through that camera. Wrapped in crucifixes, cock rings, leather, rubber and chains - it's punk, slut, fag and bytch. Above all, it's timeless and modern. Like an Italian glamorous tom boy gap-toothed Marilyn crawling out of the gutter. Doesn't get any better than that. Does it? DOES IT?


Like the Virgin one, I made a few out of these - you can get the others on the madonnascrapbook.tumblr page. xo



    I agree the first album and 2nd are still my favs! So timeless and not much from 80s pop LPS were.

    I would study and stare at MADONNA MADONNA as a kid her eyes are so piercing.

    Magic happened when she first went platinum and Gary captured it!

    Post punk sex star was born!

    These images are always referenced and will always be timeless!

  2. This animated gif could easily be blown up to fit an entire wall and become an art exhibit.

    So much is said in these photographs...her hunger, her desire, her much of it is there.

    We should propose a Madonna exhibit be done at one of the major museums in the world.

    Hmmm...ideas, ideas.

  3. I do love this photo shoot....another one of my favorites was the Bedtime Stories session. Reminds me of this only in full color.

  4. amazing hair and look in general! sexy! agree with christian about the art exhibit thing!