Thursday, July 7, 2011

Rare Italian Body of Evidence Movie Trailer

It's not her - but it should have been! It's fabulous. Isn't it?


  1. HOT HOT HOT!! should of been the trailer!

  2. I love when you use tag question in such an authority manner, Pud!

    And, yes, IT IS fab!

  3. Body of Evidence I think is good and not just because Madonna is the star. I have seen alot worse that have not got even close to a bashing that this got. Films critics really wanted Madonna to fail at this time. If it had been Sharon Stone, Glenn Close or Michelle Pfeiffer that was the star it would just have been another sex/thriller movie.

    I know people who are not Madonna fans or haters but they still enjoyed it, yes it is slow in parts but like I said there has been much worse that had less abuse.

    This trailer is really cool, if it had been Madonna it would have been amazing.

    Long live the Queen.