Friday, July 29, 2011

A Star is Born

Where it all began. I had the first album for a few months and then at the newsstand in December of 1983, I came across this - a first album outtake in color blasting A STAR IS BORN on Billboard magazine. This was my third photograph of Madonna - before I had seen any video.

It would be a good 3 months before I would see the video for Borderline. Really her first video, they didn't play Burning Up or Everybody until after the success of Borderline. I would see those on MV3, a local Los Angeles new wave video program hosted by KROQ's Richard Blade.


  1. So cool that you knew what Madonna was before the rest of us! The first time I saw her was actually "Burning up" on HBO video jukebox. I was intrigued but not sold. Then Borderline and Lucky Star started getting played. The rest is history...

  2. I swear...1980-1985 had the BEST. MUSIC. EVER. If I could ever go back and be in my early 20's again, I'd want to be a 21 year old in NYC in 1980. Ahhh...the incredible energy, music, and scene.

  3. Love this time era. I could only dream of LA and NY as child watching this.
    Dancing meant something then. Expression and unity!