Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Madonna: Gucci '95 - MTV Video Music Awards

Madonna, the fantastic Kurt Loder and Courtney Love at the MTV after show. Madonna sock'n it, talking about Something to Remember and slump clump C.Love bulldozing in. Thank God for Frances Bean.

Madonna and Amber Valletta in Gucci '95.

Looking gorgeous on stage.

Anthony Kiedis and Madonna backstage.


  1. She looked so freaking fab that night. Great hair, great outfit.
    And she handled the whole Courtney thing very classy imo. She has a lot more patience than she gives herself credit for. That second pic with Kurt en Court is hilarious!

    ps speaking of fab hair, I miss the old Kiedis...

  2. Hey there was an interview where Madonna says she does not copy amber veletta who has that? I'm sure on the cover does..

    Madonna always looks amazing in 60's esc glamour hair and makeup!

    Love her so classy and sexy unlike ms love. Gucci Clothes look so cheap and dated now

  3. Love her SEX book hair years later!

  4. That was a weird and fun watch. Love that Madonna didn't back off from Court. The pic with Anthony is very sweet.

  5. get out. just last night i was reading about this from the words of kurt and other mtv staffers in the mtv book 'uncensored'. it's a good read. some behind the scene tidbits. like liz rosenberg shouting as courtney came up the stairs 'do not put them in the same frame!' and then during the face-off 'they'll never air this, don't worry!' - when it fact is was live, lol.

    m looked so beautiful. look at that leo and her glorious mane. @ steven, yes! total SEX hair. i have a soft-spot for 1994-1996 m.

  6. So beautiful and sexy! she shines! courtney was pathetic though.