Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Pete Burns, Morrissey and Madonna


  1. LOVE Morrissey, well the Smiths and the first few albums. Still love him. Pete Burns??? He cared more about fucking up his face than making music. Morrissey has always hated Madonna. So have many of my other loves. I couldn't care less. It's their loss and perspective. I love Madonna and I love other bands/artists. But Madonna is my forever.

  2. ugh seriously at that thing ?!?!?!! wtf is that

  3. Burns was irrelevant in the 80s, a boy george rip off, today he's just a farce. Why ask his opinion of anything?

    And Morrisey, Madonna's never tried to be Piaf, it's a redundant comparison, they're diferent artists. Like saying, I'd like to see Morrisey be as sexy and cool and dance as well as Justin Timberlake. He only gets away with the ridiculous statement because of the misogyny still inherent in society.
    He did make one positive and right on comment about Madonna in the 80s, something like, 'We won't ever get a pop star bigger than Madonna'.
    But he needs to get up the gym and lay off the pies.

  4. Ever since 1985, people have been saying Madonna's career was over. Yawn. Burns doesn't seem like the right person to evaluate anyone's career, but whatever works for him.
    As for Morrissey, apples and oranges. We don't blame him for not sounding like Jose Carreras.
    Blah. It's like back in the nineties when they wrote 10 page articles about how irrelevant she was. Yeah, okay.

  5. Ivor you are HILARIOUS! HA!!
    Ivor and Sivan said it man!
    Pete Burns is just that same mentality of the current state of the world. people (mostly queens like that boy culture dude) want instant flavor of the months and can easily write off the past. Web makes everything so "OF THE MOMENT"and NOT sustainable. SAD SAD SAD, but lets think about. example: are we going to be listening to a song like Poker face or Borderline? Madonna is timeless and has survived all the past generations and ones to come.
    Morrissey has not evolved since college days of 120 minutes. Not to discount his talent but he can be SUCH a hypocrite and to be photographed with fame wannabe caca gaga ?? WTF? HE NEVER HAD THE CHANCE WITH MADONNA! MADONNA GOT ALL THE SIRE RECORDS SUPPORT AND $$$!HE IS SO BITTER CAUSE OF IT STILL!

  6. I love Morrissey/Smiths but the only he doens't hate is me, and that because he doesn't know me yet. He hates everone and everything. Big deal.I just want to challenge him to do what Madonna does. Sing live, dance unstoppable and make crowd screaming his name from the first to the last minute.
    I'm not gonna comment on what this Burns said. He is just another has been who uses the Queen's name so he can be mentioned somehow.
    The whole universe knows who Madonna is and it doen't need Morrissey's or that Burn' opinion.

  7. have fun!


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  9. Who the hell compares Edith Piaf to Madonna?

    A bit strange to say the least.