Friday, August 12, 2011

VOTE: Most Iconic MTV VMA Performance

Don't just stand there, let's get to it.

The one who really created it all. The one that bitch slapped MTV and turned popular music upside down. Vote for Madonna's legendary 1984 MTV Performance of Like a Virgin where she slithered off that cake with a pulsating pussy and humped that floor in front of a world that couldn't take it.



  1. Voted! Let's spread the word!

  2. She's not doing very well in the poll so far... She's way behind Michael Jackson, Britney Spears and Lady Gaga...

  3. gaga it is.

    it's not who did it first but who did it better - right? isn't that madonna's ethos?


  4. It actually seems fixed to make her lose. Her first performance is iconic in one sense because it was the first award show and she made people see how a visual artist works but what about the other ICONIC performances like her vogue performance in 18th-century garb OR the even more iconic performance of her that included Christina and Britany where she showed the world she is the star while they are the day players.


  5. the Madonna 84 vma performance was like nothing that had ever been done! the industry didn't know what hit them.
    Madonna had arrived and MTV and RADIO would not be the same post that performance! It stands for a lot.

    I think Madonna fans are lazy or just cant be bothered. You have Michael in the lead who is bigger post death then when we was alive in his recent years. then you have the armies of Britney and caca and they are all internet savvy and on the web continuously. But I feel Madonna deserves this. NO QUESTION!

    Then there is us Madonna fans. We need to spread the word and vote. I think you can re-vote too.

  6. I agree there seems to be a level of laziness from us Madonna fans but to be honest, whose fault is it that Caca has managed to overshadow Madonna?? Whose fault is it that Madonna doesn't even register with young people today?

    Madonna herself.

    She just keeps putting bullshit project after bullshit project over her music and now here we are, a pathetic psychotic troll like lady trollga has eclipsed her completely and will probably win the most iconic MTV performance, never mind the fact that she sucks and is totally irrelevant in the grand scale of things, but Madonna allowed this to happen, so just let it be.

  7. ramon, you stupid cunt. firstly madonna is going to be 53, why should she be the main competition for a 25 year old newcomer with teenaged fans? secondly, michael jackson is ahead in this online poll. get it together. xo

  8. Ramon

    yr points are clear BUT why not make a difference and do more madonna media like the MJ fans and caca and brit etc..

    M has a back catalog of music that will last forever! she doesn't even need to make more music and id be happy.

    stop posting bad M pics of on yr tumblr and do MORE exciting stuff.

    people WILL follow! VOTE MORE!

  9. Pudyou are the cunt as usual. And you are all in denial. I've heard people my age and older say that Madonna is over and Lady Gaga is better than her and more important.

    I mean it's INSANE but it's what's happening right now. If I were Madonna I would be worried. In fact I do think she is worried and scared.

  10. Ramon

    I don't think Madonna is scared and stop at this. She always look further, she has 53 years and it will be sad and childish to compete a 25 years slut. If LG is considered better it's only because she's new, all the people i know even the younger think that Gaga sucks and is a bad copy of Madonna with bad songs. Remember that a lot of artists refer to Madonna.
    But it's true that Madonna fans have to support her better

  11. Gaga is the "new" thing. Let's see her when she will be "old news". Madonna managed to re-invent herself and stay relevant at 30, 40, 50 yo.
    These polls are pointless. I'm happy everytime M wins, but i don't get sad when she doesn't. M doesn't need facebook fans or polls to prove who she is. The whole universe knows who she is: the Queen of Pop and a true legent.

  12. @Ramon,

    Ppl are saying Madonna is over since her first album. I didn't give a damn back then and I don't give a damn now.

    she is in 4 catgories! and winning one! keep voting. VOTE VOTE VOTE

  14. Madonna deserves this award---no question!! Madonna performing "Like a Virgin" will always be the most talked about MTV performance until the end of time!!!!

  15. This "Poll" is ridiculous. Madonna's performance was groundbreaking. NONE of the other "nominees" were. GAG and Blahrittney both based their careers on Madonna (below par i might add) Michael Jackson (though I respect his work) was a punchline for the last 15 years or so until he died. Bon Jovi?? Really? Rolling Stones? Eminem (liked his spunk) but not quite there. The rest are blow off's. There is no point to any of these "polls".

  16. Lady Gaga is a terrible live performer. Is this about the MTV performance where Gaga was supposed to be hung, but only went off the ground about 2 feet? Epic fail.

    She sucked. Sorry, peeps.

    Voted for Madonna on this one.

  17. oh and lol@ramon.

    Samantha Fox at one time was more popular then Madonna. It's true! Ask your sister and her friends!!


  18. hey! just wanted to mention that she is actually winning 2 categories:
    best 90's video with Ray of light and
    most outrageous vma moment for The Kiss, to brit and c. aguilera

  19. Those options are the best they could come up with? Really puts things in perspective...the VMAs don't have much going for them besides being a sometime Madonna vehicle.