Thursday, September 29, 2011



  1. i just listened to 'hard candy' for the first time in over a year. it's still my least favourite m album. overall it really lacks that m spirit to it. also, her voice sounds strained in some tracks, particularly the pharrell-produced ones (fitting, since his falsetto sucks). although i like the timbaland tracks the most, if m has any taste these days she'll stay away from these generic beats/producers and subject matter and will stop trying to appeal to her daughter's/boyfriends' demographic.

  2. Pharrell produced Gloria's latest album, and it's really amazing. He really kept to Gloria's vibe and spirit of her music. Since Madonna is usually all over the place musically, maybe that's why we didn't like the sound he created for her.

    Fingers are crossed for the next album. William Orbit is gonna bring it all back to us.