Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Best Madonna W.E. Movie Interview Yet!!!

Peter Knegt + Madonna = Fabulous!

I love this interview!!! He's great and she's a sex hole. This is what early radio interviews with Madonna sounded like.

Transcontinental Accent - It's the way Movie Stars in Hollywood Spoke.

The dig the reiteration of the choreography of the camera work. I can't wait to see W.E. - I love hearing Madonna talking about her film making! She's so excited and wonderful.


  1. 'la vie en rose' is one of my favourite films ever. i just knew she was a fan of it ever since she dressed up as piaf for purim years ago. anyway, very nice interview. i think she would have found the interviewer's nervousness endearing. i can sense it in how she responds to him and the tone of her voice.

  2. I agree this is one of my favs so far as well!
    He sounded so nervous!