Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Big Hollywood Feud: Madonna -vs- Hydrangeas

Forget Bette Davis and Joan Crawford. We've got Madonna and Hydrangeas now. Big news across the world.


  1. Haaaaaaaaa! It's so funny I was watching Chelsea fug mug lately talking about it!
    It is everywhere! All news! Google Madonna and it's all about the hydrangea feud!
    bigger deal then guy Ritchie having a baby! Ack!

  2. love all the hoopla. did that fan just cut it off the plant as he walked into the venue? amusing on all fronts. some of the coolest people i know would most probably leave the flower on the table and not give it another thought... but that's why m is m i guess.

  3. Oh Chelsea fug mug lately had the topic on the round table, usual call outs on M
    British accent, bitchy, etc the best was when she said speaking direct to Madonna . Who do you think you are "Madonna"??! Ha!

    This Madonna vs Hydrangeas fued keeps escalating Liz Rosenberg is going to have to make a statement!


  4. "purple hydrangea…don’t drop your petals yet. your’e beautiful damnit!!!!!- Lady Kier"

  5. Oh, please. She could have said worse. Personally, I find it hilarious! Bring on the next tour where people will be showering her with them!!!

  6. I feel a bit sorry for the guy who gave them to her. He was just a fan like all of us. While I would never have done it, I'd be crushed.

  7. call the ny times, breaking international scandal... the world's most fabulous woman has an opinion about a freakin flower!!!

  8. This is why we love her! Always tells it like it is-- even about hydrangeas flowers! lol (which I completely agree with by the way, yuck! total gramdma flowers)

  9. Why the ragging on Chelsea Lately?

    The woman rags on EVERYONE...Madonna is going to be a part of that. And Chelsea is totally willing to make fun of herself, and laugh at herself (unlike Madge).

    I think Madonna should take advantage of the situation, go on Letterman, wearing a hydrangea dress, and have a good laugh at it all.

    She should use this as a media/PR opportunity and have some fun with the situation.

    Liz' statement was stupid RE: the incident. She should've just kept mum.

    I'm still baffled, and chuckling to myself, that this went viral the way it did.