Friday, September 2, 2011

Great Madonna Interview about W.E. Film - Video

Great interview. My favorite in a long time. Enjoy.

Interviewer: Well, your first film as director, Filth and Wisdom, was treated quite harshly by the critics. That doesn't in a way dissuade you from continuing?

Madonna: It was treated quite harshly by the critics? To tell you the truth I didn't really read any of the reviews but what was the second part of your...?

Interviewer: I mean, that didn't discourage you from continuing as a director?

Madonna: Well, no, that's never discouraged me from continuing period. Because I think i've had a lot of harsh criticism my entire career. Right?


  1. thats why we love her. TOUGH as nails but a real woman!
    love you M and Pud!

  2. Love the interview. She's lovely and intelligent.
    Which is why I always like her interviews. Thanks Pud.

  3. She seems calm and unguarded. Her answers are funny and intelligent.
    She does sound a little bit like she has a cold or something.

  4. Agree with everything above. Really charming interview.

    But WHAT ON EARTH is that horrible table/flower arrangement in the background?! Looks terrible! Not helped by the fact that the interviewer was having to hold his own microphone.