Tuesday, September 6, 2011

James Franco and Madonna

@Gucci event.

Franco already had Sean Penn, now he wanted some of that Classic Hollywood Ciccone puss.

Salma and Madonna. This is one of my favorite days of Madonna - I absolutely love this look- outfit, hair, make up. One of her best. Everything.


  1. that is a porn i want to see! james and madonna! I hear he has low hangers! ha!

    I love how tall madonna looks thru all venice!

    Selma is gorgeous too love them together

  2. totally agree about the look! madonna was flawless in venice!!

  3. I like the look...But, I prefer a more vibrant Madonna. This look is very Joan Crawford.

  4. Love James Franco! So hot and so talented!!

  5. LOVE James Franco. I would invite a Madonna/James hook up anytime

  6. Oh, that would be a great pairing! James and Madonna. Damn!!

    And look how very Evita the first two pics are. That hair!! LOVE it!!!