Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Video of the "Fan" Who Gave Madonna Hydrangeas

Is more a wannabe Sacha Baron Cohen than fan.


  1. Madonna's reaction makes even more sense now... and she's being ripped to pieces for it.

  2. Good LORD that guy is lame.
    Wait...stop hydrangea-gate. She was being too nice!

  3. exactly that guy is shit stirrer douche fake! she meant to say my asst threw them in the trash!

  4. NOW I'm pissed. Don't fuck with M or you fuck with me. Little cunt.

  5. Ahhhh...this makes a lot more sense.

    First off, I was scratching my head at the reports that this was a "fan". How the hell would a fan be allowed at something like a press conference, especially when Madonna is the one that's going to be the focus of it.

    Then it was said it was a reporter...which made more sense, but then I thought...what reporter brings someone flowers at a press conference? Usually it's a representative of where the press conference is being held---be it a person from the hotel, or the promoter of the event, whatever.

    Now, it all makes sense. This ass decided to play a trick on Madonna, and he more than likely knew Madonna hated hydrangeas. Now, does it take away from Madonna having a rude and obnoxious moment? Nope, but instead, it goes to show that someone purposely wanted to piss her off, for the sake of getting attention. And well, mission accomplished...he gets brownie points for being an ass, and so does she.

    Thanks for the insight Pud.