Saturday, October 29, 2011

August 4, 1984 - Madonna attends Jackson Victory Concert at Madison Square Garden.

Madonna with Jermaine, Randy and Michael Jackson at the Victory Tour.


  1. Ummmm I have never seen that I dream of jeanie pose shot with Jermaine and Tito??? WOW, i love old never seen pics.

    I loved how innocent she looked, and THOSE BIG DOLL LIKE EYES! So care-free with no controlling image, just a gorgeous gal having fun.

    Thanks Pud!

  2. I wonder if mj paid any mind to madonna while taking this picture. I wonder if he thought she was going to be as big as him. Because years later mj reached out to her to work on "keep in the closest"
    I'm so glad that never worked out. It would have been a disaster because they both were so famous, but completely different artists.

    1. Interesting how that rumor was started by Madonna after Michael's death. But it's just a rumor.

  3. Yet another never before seen (by me at least) picture, her in between the brothers.
    If only they knew then :-)
    Great find!!

  4. Yea never seen the pic of her inbetween the brothers! love it!!