Saturday, October 29, 2011

"Comeback?!? I Hate that Word. It's a Return."

-a return to the millions of people who have never forgiven me for deserting the screen." -- Norma Desmond


  1. Exactly. Where did she go? Her last album sold over 4 million copies and topped the world charts.

  2. lol I LOVE Sunset Boulevard.

  3. Comeback my ass! She hasn't gone anywhere since she started in 1982! Leave the comebacks to the others who fail to ever come back like Lady Whooo soon to be.

    I love the headline Madonna vs Olympics!

  4. Hard Candy didn't sell 4 million copies. lol. It was a certified flop. That was mainly her fault though. She could have promoted it a million times better. Madonna's career and relevance depends on this new album. She probably knows this. It's also the first album on her new contract. I hope Universal promotes her properly.

  5. Hard Candy sold 3.5 million albums worldwide, which is a low number by Madonna standards, but we are in the 2000's, album sales are not what they used to be.

    4 Minutes was a hit but not memorable, and the rest of the album singles were all flops, they didn't even chart if I'm not mistaken.

    I love Madonna with all my heart but I'm really worried about her.

    Lady Who's Born This Way has sold 7 million albums worldwide and she is already being called a legend and what's more disturbing is that young people today credit her with being a genius and being the greatest video artist, which of course is bullshit but it's the sentiment out there and Madonna doesn't even REGISTER for them, it's like she's nothing.

    The sad news that Niki Minaj is going to be on the first single pretty much confirms that this is not going to be a groundbreaking album like ray of light or music, but yet another half assed record like Hard Candy.

    I can already predict how this is going to go down:

    She'll get a number 1 hit with the first single, not because of her but because of Niki Minaj and M.I.A., and she's going to think she still has it.

    She'll release maybe one more half assed video/single from the album, while everyone right now is releasing 5 videos/singles and up, it's going to flop but she won't care

    And she'll abandon the project to go on tour in 2012, which is already confirmed.

    If she does this that would be it, it's going to be the final nail in the coffin of Madonna's career, if she goes down that path she will no longer be a relevant, successful artist but just a touring act like Cher or Bette Midler, who just tour for money, with no relevance or artistry to their work and living off past glory.

    Madonna will become a thing of the past if she goes down that road.

    And the saddest part is that, Madonna's hard earned recognition as history's greatest pop icon, fashion icon, humanitarian, gay rights advocate and visionary music artist is going to be handed in a silver platter to Lady Who, after just 3 years of career.

    The media and the fans are already bestowing Flopga with the title of icon, gay rights advocate(as if she was the only one) and visionary artist, Madonna is about to cement Lady Who's undeserving recognition with her current mediocrity.

  6. I always knew that eventually Madonna would stop being relevant/visionary/the queen bee of pop, I just never thought she would be replaced by a most undeserving, horrifying piece of shit bitch troll like Lady Gaga. I never thought, and it breaks my heart.

  7. The thing is that we all knew from the beggining that one day Madonna would get old and be a thing from the past. Its not the time yet, she is still relevant and everyone knows her name in the whole world and thousand of people love her. But what we need to understand here is that one day she is gonna go stop making music, concerts and videos. Of course she will always be rememebered as the greatest artist she was but its pretty obvious that when she is gone someone else is gonna come (never replaced her tho) but young people are gonna be the "new thing". Im sure every generation will know who Madonna was.
    Madonna was, is and will always be Madonna, but we, as fans need to understand that one day she wont be here and the new people are going to take her place.
    Sorry about my english, im from France.

  8. M. is trying to hard to win over the hearts of toddlers, but this will never happen - young people only care about young artists. She needs to win a huge army of her fans back. And this is not an easy task as well though quite possible. We need a great dance pop album. Not some fu*king hard candy-2 bs with Nicki Minaj or MIA...

  9. @Maar, I think Madonna still has the stamina and talent for at least 20 more years of a great career, that is if she stops jumping on the current bandwagons and stops getting distracted with bullshit worthless projects like Material Girl or Hard Candy Fitness.

    At the rate that she is going, her career will end for good next year.

  10. @vb you are right on this comment " young people only care about young artists". Its pretty sad but its the reality. My sister and her friends tell me all the time that they dont care about Madonna because she is old. They love Gaga, Britney and the current artists. And they arent the only ones, every young kid doesnt care about Madonna. Yes, they know who she is but they just dont listen to her because she is "old". I dont blame them, when we were young we used to think the same way about old artists at that time. Its the world we live in.

    @Ramon, i agree with you, Madonna still has it and she can do great things.
    By the way, i like to discuss with you because you wont rely on insulting others if they dont agree with you.

  11. Lady Gaga is nothing like Madonna now or ever was. Madonna was sexy. Gaga is not. Madonna could dance, Gaga could not.

    There is no way that Gaga is taking over as the queen of pop. She is mediocre on every level and just because people with no life behind computers who blog and say Madonna is over, that does not make it the case.

    Is Ramona and Maar the same person?

    It's just too funny that someone who has been around for 3yrs, has 2 #1's, 2 albums and not much else going on for her, can be considered a threat or anything like a 'new Madonna'.

    Too funny! lolz

  12. Oh and Britney isnt young, she is about to be 30. Srry.

  13. This ridiculous. Madonna has already cemented her place in history and NO ONE can deny that.

  14. I'm not looking forward to Hard Candy part 2. She better knock us on our heads. I blame Guy Oseary for steering her wrong.

  15. AL- HC was hardly a flop, 3.8 Million copies went to # 1 in 37 countries. How is that a flop? Explain?

    Ramon, Maar, and vb,, REALLY? I mean really? I can only laugh at this point.
    We all know Madonna is in her 50s. She has NOTHING to prove! She has done it all. Like materialboy1 said she has cemented her place in history.
    At this stage in her career she is enjoying success and family and living. You think she gives a fuck about new comers, including Lady Who? There have been tons of lady who's in Madonnas very long career. Sure LW copies Madonnas recipe and may be known for some of it as her own to her fan base but Lady Who is being exposed as a phony. It all catches up. It started. It would help if Madonna fans tumbled or blogged more. So new generations know her advocacy in gay culture, sex, and post feminism etc.

    Madonna is forever an ICON and an inventor and revolutionized the Pop Culture world even LIFE! She is the "QUEEN OF LIFE" (AS PUD STATES)!

    So my point is divided Madonna Fans, let her finish the fucking album before so much projection and judgement! jesus!

  16. al, ramon, vb and maar - Hard Candy debuted at number-one in thirty-seven countries and was the eleventh best-selling album worldwide in 2008. Not one of her contemporaries would even land there, and nobody in the business that long would land there. especially a woman that just turned 50 and in the POP ARENA. they kill you off at 30 for that.

    madonna working with mia and nicki is not her trying to appeal to the kinder crowd. shes appealing to people who have musical taste outside the top 40.

    if it is a HC part 2 great for me - sorry about your situation.

    everyone is entitled to by opinion - EAT IT!!!!

  17. How in the WORL could an album by Martin Solveig, Benny Benassi and William Orbit be HC part II? LOL. There isn't a DROP of urban in any of these guys.

    And HC has several enjoyable tracks on it.