Thursday, October 20, 2011

Erotica Video ''Uncensored Version'' - 19 Years Ago

Madonna // Erotica (Uncensored Version)

19 years ago…
Oct 20, 1992 - Madonna Released her “Erotica” Album.

Her first album to feature a “Parental Advisory” sticker. The album was banned by the Malaysian Government for homosexual-related content.

In its 15th anniversary review of the album, Slant Magazine called Erotica, “Madonna at her most important, at her most relevant.” The album is ranked at #24 on the magazine’s list of 100 Best Albums of the ’90s.

The surrounding massive media and critical backlash hurt Erotica sales. The album produced six singles and was well received in the dance club scene. To date, Erotica has sold more than five million copies globally.


  1. Blasting it now, Erotica LP ages so well. I LOVE IT! SEX SEX SEX!
    Madonna invented SEX!

  2. Still, nearly 20 years later, my all-time favourite Madonna album. Maybe not her best, her most commercial or her most experimental, but my favourite non the less. Early 90's House and Hip-Hop with her voice... amazing.

  3. 39 is so stupid. Madonna invented sex ? LOL ! This guy must be high all the time.

    Anyways, i love erotica. My second favorite album.

  4. Erotica is my second favorite Madonna album, as well. Right behind the perfection that is Like a Prayer.

  5. Maarzapane, now you calling me a drug user??? my comments are not for the less fortunate mind set however they are for the ones who get humor on fun Madonna intellectual level!
    Madonna brought SEX to a level that pop culture never experienced so in some ways she did invent SEX at lease for my gen!


  6. you all need to shut hole and watch the uncensored and see her pussy int he pool and her tits everywhere and all that shyt. SHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!

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  8. 39 writes like a white trash person. Is he/she from Europe or some redneck state in the US ?

  9. do you love all that extra footage? i love how her nipple is falling out of her 'dita; outift. I LOVE IT ALL!!!! xo

  10. I LOVE IT PUD! and Maar needs to wash his smelly OLD CUNT and comment about the post rather than me!

  11. LOOOOOOOVE it, Pud! You never write or call anymore... :(

  12. I was 16 going on 17 when Erotica came out. It was adult oriented and at the time I was assuming it was just as hot and commercial as the Madonna we all knew before. This was the time of grunge and Nirvana and the shaking up of the music business. I was considered an outcast most of my adolescence and when the grunge thing hit I was actually liked and appreciated because I played this record.

    Erotica doesn't encapsulate human sexuality as a whole by any means. It was a product of Madonna's own mind. If I made a picture book of my own sexual fantasies it would be... woah.. ho hoooo... nelly!!!

    The backlash didn't make sense though. I never personally saw any of it except on the internet many years later via youtube.

    Regardless, I like the Erotica album. The "Erotica" track itself makes a statement but it isn't anything I really relate to. The rest of the record has some great songs and this sensual bluesy feel. "Deeper and Deeper" sounds like a pop track on stereo speakers but in a club, on the dance floor, it sounds and feels amazing.

    In my opinion, "Erotica", regardless of what it sold, wasn't popular amongst the critics and masses because it focused on her own particular vision of the subject and not one of mass appeal. I'm not turned on by Madonna's fantasies. I have my own.

    I still think it's a great record though. The music was unique, the lyrics were good, albeit condescending and cheesy on some tracks. It fit well during that period in time. She maintained her popularity while the industry was in a transition from hair bands to grunge.

    My father bought me the Sex book for Christmas that year. LOL. Mine fell apart. IDK whatever happened to it.

  13. "his" old cunt. Sorry, im a girl.

    Anyways, i love the video Pud.

  14. lager - great story - thanks for sharing - what happened to your sex book?!

    maar - i love it, too!!! xo

  15. Eww always ignoring me. Fine. No more unreleased songs for you!

  16. omg I had never seen this uncensored version! is it fan made or an official release? Was it ever broadcasted?

    I love Erotica. It's not my favorite album because 70% of it is worthless filler, but visually it was an artistic peak for Madonna. It was FLAWLESS. Madonna was doing things during this period, artistically, that NO ONE had ever done before in history.

    That is why I roll my eyes whenever I hear some Lady Xerox or Kleptoncé fan saying "there is nothing new under the sun" or "every artist borrows from every other artist" when being confronted with evidence of their favorite artists plagiarism, I roll my eyes because those notions are FALSE and TRU ARTISTS ALWAYS CREATE SOMETHING NEW, always, and Madonna was and still is such an artist, always creating something new.

    It's only mediocrity like Lady Gaga and Beyonce that have to resort to constant plagiarism.

  17. Pud, can i eat you ??? you make me horny.

  18. Two problems with the Erotica album: the songs are too long, and her vocals sound terrible on 80% of the tracks (I remember reading that they used the original demos on most of the tracks, and it shows). Apart from that it has some great moments. 'Waiting' remains one of my favourite all-time tracks.

    I don't have much affection for this era because of the backlash. It depressed me at the time and things were never the same.

    I still think the Erotica video is very stylish.

  19. everything rl81 said. except, erotica is a tie with rol as my favourite m album.

    and 'waiting' is amazing. andre betts was amazing.

  20. Pud,

    I think my Sex book got lost when I had moved a few times. Plus it had fallen apart. That cheap-ass spiral binder wasn't worth a damn.

  21. Waiting was great, so are thief of hearts, where life begins (prob my fav on this, the lush production together with the raunchy lyrics is perfection).

    the only crappy songs i dont like are whys it so hard, in this life and deeper and deeper.

    the rest is perfect.

  22. i love how on the cover the text looks like both pubic hair and cum dripping from her mouth at the same time. the perfect project. and hey we even got a beautiful picture book with it too. such a feast.