Monday, October 31, 2011

Madonna and the Marilyn Monroe Affair

Esquire March 1986

Number One April 1990

Vanity Fair April 1991


  1. Wow! cool to see this M&M flashback! Both are stunning! Madonna just looks so much gorgeous though. Sorry Marilyn.

    It was lovely to see how Madonna paid tribute and NOT RIP OFF. Madonna was true to herself. She brought glamour back!

    good times!

  2. You could see the inspiration and then one could search for Marilyn and realize the big difference between them and how Marylin became just a disguise while Madonna kept her own essence, her own personality. That's paying tribute to someone, not just taking everything from the other person and bringing nothing new to the table.

  3. PLEASE!

    Madonna ripped off people left and right, including Marylin and many others.

    But there was still something Madonna-esque in her ripping off mechanics. She was still able to remain Madonna, something very unique.

    Whether we like it or not, it's a similar talent to Lady Gaga. She can rip off Madonna and others left and right in terms of imagery, but she remains Lady Gaga (or is it just Gaga now?).

    Anyhow, to say Madonna was paying "tribute" vs ripping off is ridiculous. The thing is, Madonna was always willing to admit she was basically ripping off someone. Lady Gaga can't seem to be able to admit it.